gray hat

  1. bangun tidur

    [ASK] Weird SERP Question?!

    Lately serp has been really weird this day and we know it because May Core update because some of the site i've working always high in traffic and after may 5 exactly it just go down to almost no impression. But i don't want to blame but instead i want to share a little bit about my trouble...
  2. C

    Any paper books worth a read for grey hat SEO?

    Was wondering, but figured nothing beats action. I got the basics down: Organic traffic before paid. Focus on top 3 traffic methods before using social media. Don’t buy shitty linkbuilding services. No more than 2-3 bl a day. Etc. Etc.
  3. ivarga

    Best alternatives to Google AdSense?

    So I've tried parterning with Google AdSense for about a year and a half and their ads never display on my website, they are always blank. Lot's of struggles all the time and I heard that the minimum payout is like $100. I am thinking of going with these guys becuase they seem good for...