1. SEO Duke

    Another Update!

    So google bring another product review update!!!
  2. jiya raichand

    November 2021 spam update - My website got hit

    Hi all, i guess one of my webpage got hit by this update. I just noticed in GSC the clicks came down to "0" , impressions "0" I am sharing screenshot. Please check and suggest me something for this page. What should i do to get my ranks back ? Thank You
  3. J

    Google Search Ranking Algorithm Tremors August 6th & 7th

    After this algorithm update, (Google Search Ranking Algorithm Tremors August 6th & 7th) my website ranking has been decreased. (Moved from 1 page to 2nd page) Does anyone knows, what type of algorithm changes that Google has been implemented? How to fix my ranking again on top of the search...
  4. homeriscool

    New Google Update - Paid GMB's ? Can Anyone Verify?

    Hi all, I was just reading in another seo forum that the new Google update will include PAID Google map listings with features to bump your listing to the top? Here is quote from forum - "New Google Update.... GMBs are going to be paid features and a lot of features will be pushing them to...
  5. crossline

    Is Backlink Profile Still Good in SEO 2019?

    in 2017 i always using backlink profile for increase my websites rank and it working pretty well, what is the best backlink methode after the last new google update?
  6. Domenikogj

    Got hit by Google Update?

    Hello everyone. My Movie streaming website got hit 2 days ago by google update and i got a big drop of traffic. My main keyword dropped from 2nd-3rd position on the first page to page 6 and another keyword that i was ranked 1st dropped to the end of the first page (position #8-#9). What should i...
  7. Steveputlocker

    A Big Google Update Just Now! Beware!

    Guys, there's a big google update seems to be like of Fred Magnitude, My website ranking increased many Folds in few seconds, Really Happy, I wont mind verifying it with mods :D Special Thanks to @MisterF ;)
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