1. J

    Are your tweets getting indexed in Google??

    Lately, I'm seeing google is not indexing my account's tweets (automatically) I've to index them manually. Anyone of you noticed that google is slowly indexing / not at all indexing tweets both automatically or manually?
  2. J

    Did Google Changed the Way it Indexes External Links on NoIndex, Follow Page?

    Hi, Couple of years ago Google was following, crawling, indexing external links on pages having meta robtos tag: noindex, follow. example my PBN page: having meta robots tag noindex, follow, having an external link to my money site with anchor text Cars. But now it seems...
  3. Z

    cloaking wordpress theme or cloaking plugin

    I need a WordPress theme or plugin own cloaking script for Adsense arbitrage
  4. kurosaki4d

    Is there anything wrong with my robots.txt

    Hello, My site stopped getting traffic for a couple of days now, and i was wondering if there was anything wrong with my updated robots.txt file. I'm counting that i can ask for your expertise to check if there is anything wrong with my file: User-agent: Googlebot Allow: / User-Agent: *...
  5. Guybrushthepirate

    It is possible to know from which site the bot/crawler is coming when following a link?

    Pretty much what I am asking in the title. I'd like to know if there is any form to know from which source a crawler is coming when reaching a URL, linked to another. Example: in there is a link pointing to Is there a chance for the owner of, to know that the...
  6. Robertxl

    Blasted by Googlebot, No difference in ranking/index pages

    Hey guys, Question, my site gets an enourmous amounts of requests from Googlebot, and has been getting these for atleast 3 days straight. However when I search or check the serps, I dont see ANY differences at all. I finally thought I was about to kick off. Does anyone else...
  7. bangun tidur

    (HELP) Google Search Result Keep Showing My Mobile Page Instead Of My Dekstop Version why?

    hello all i have issue here when ever google bot especially google bot smartphone indexing my site it keep changing my search result into my mobile version that have no seo feature because it only be used for my mobile visitor to download and app for my game instead of playing through browser...

    Hi guys (google bots)

    We require a bot for a website traffic anybody have knowledge regarding this ,comment in box
  9. Mops

    Free site indexing methods. How to quickly attract Googlebot. A little test.

    Sorry for my bad english. The most effective and free method of indexing in Google is to add a site to Google Search Console:) But it happens that this is impossible, for various reasons. Here I will consider other ways. The purpose of the experiment: I wanted to find out how to get...
  10. Sunil Thakur

    Website Crowling issue !!

    Hello there, I have a website, it's not cache by google. I will tried all methods but it still same. Please guys help me.
  11. kleinerwauwau

    Preventing Googlebot from reading the imprint

    Hi guys, so a friend of mine plans to create a copy-niche site so to say, a niche site with rewritten content, which is ranking parallel to his other one. Reason is, that he got a penalty on an important money-keyword and doesn't know if it will come back - So he wants to rank now a rewritten...
  12. Yuvalg2

    [crawler help]Does Googlebot prefer Relative URLs over parameters ? content changed by parameters

    He everyone, i have a site in which you can get nutritional value on foods (compare them with one another). Right now the URL is like that : I'm wondering if google crawler will be able to index this page differently from my...
  13. mainceaft

    Blocking Googlebot By accident

    Hi all I just want to warn everyone who block alot of bots from their site to make sure Googlebot not blocked today went to one of my sites and I notice last visit from Googlebot was from almost a week . I checked .htaccess and i found wrong code that blocking Googlebot ouch .. to prevent...
  14. pulkitseo

    googlebot can't access your site robots.txt

    Can anyone tell what i need to do ? here is a message which I got domain dot com: Googlebot can't access your site Feb 8, 2014 Over the last 24 hours, Googlebot encountered 14 errors while attempting to access your robots.txt. To ensure that we didn't crawl any pages listed in that file, we...
  15. Frogserv

    Need help with Magento store

    Hi, I have a website with stores in english and italian. When we change the store, the product URL changes - 1 URL for english product page and 1 URL for italian product page. English store is the default store. The switch works but when I go directly to the italian product URL I'm redirected...
  16. R

    Googlebot crawling question

    I have been noticing a random url in the middle of my crawl stamps. [09/Jun/2012:08:41:56 -0400] "GET / HTTP/1.1" 200 9521 "" "Mozilla/5.0 (compatible; Googlebot/2.1; +" I have been seeing a lot of them, but not sure what it means. Does...
  17. D

    Google Can Now Execute AJAX & JavaScript For Indexing

    "Googlebot keeps getting smarter. Now has the ability to execute AJAX/JS to index some dynamic comments"!/mattcutts/status/131425949597179904
  18. ipopbb

    FYI: Googlebot and No Follow Links

    This isn't new information, but it is recent evidence that re-confirms older understandings and for myself it revives some old ideas to look at again. The history: I set up an in-house click logging system for some traffic generation projects I have going on. I decided to manually submit...
  19. aldragon

    Google's algorithm

    Hi Brothers , I am quite sure of how Google algorithm works exactly , regarding content, backlinks ( backlink popularity essencially ) , on page SEO etc.And I will release a real book about it. not a digital thing so dropshippers ATT!! But I need some help to finish it , and I hope that will...
  20. Nimble75

    PHP Script to Detect Googlebot

    Hi does anyone have or know where I can get a piece of PHP script code that can detect if the agent loading the page is a GoogleBot or any other major search engine? Would greatly appreciate the help Nimble
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