(HELP) Google Search Result Keep Showing My Mobile Page Instead Of My Dekstop Version why?

bangun tidur

Junior Member
Nov 22, 2018
hello all i have issue here when ever google bot especially google bot smartphone indexing my site it keep changing my search result into my mobile version that have no seo feature because it only be used for my mobile visitor to download and app for my game instead of playing through browser.

this website already have a good authority and good ranking for some keyword. and to make my mobile visitor can play directly through their smartphone i make my site redirect it to the mobile page that only have a login content to download the games.

before when google not decided only use googlebot smartphone my site is showing good result and was okay because they keep showing my dekstop version for my visitor in the search result so it have title and other seo metas that also good for my site.

but now because google is somehow keep changing their search result to the mobile version only for my site and not for other that have the exact same way as me they make my search result decreasing like crazy because the mobile version have no SEO on it. and this is my mobile version

here i also check the search console and the console showing me the problem that it was googlebot smartphone that keep crawling my page and before was just googlebot. and i try here to inspect and recrawl my site again and then it show me the desktop version again and my ranking are back but then a day after that my search result is jump low again because it showing my mobile page version again.

and for a note: this mobile site function is only for a mobile visitor that need to download the game so it could not be used for SEO and it have no authority and also i can't make my site change into mobile version because i also have a desktop visitor so i just can only redirected the mobile version to my mobile visitor. but if this happening all the time it make my site traffic hurt really bad. and the mobile page version is in like this example domain.com/m and not using the same homepage as domain.com but still the result i found when searching domain.com is showing me the content in domain.com/m

so please i need all your expert opinion for this and really apreciated for your help

thanks a lot if you can answer and give solution to my question
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