google sandbox

  1. SERPhustler


    Blog 1: This blog is built upon an aged expired 8-character .org domain which is highly brandable and rare to find. It currently ranks for 200+ keywords in the top 100 of Google US search results as per SEMrush (as of March 28 2023). Niche: Women's Fashion & Beauty Unique Content: 30000+...
  2. Sofiamartinez

    How to Get Out of the Google Sandbox - [My Working Method]

    A few of our sites came out of Google Sandbox recently. I have found some tips and ideas to come out of this. This may or may not work if your site is already tanking. Note: Google Sandbox Is A Myth for many of us, but I saw sometimes this happens with sites, and it may not be google sandbox...
  3. SERPhustler

    10 Ready Made Niche Blogs Built using Aged Expired Domains with Google Rankings & Backlinks - Skip the Google Sandbox Right Away

    Blog 1: Niche: Gaming Unique Content: 30000+ words First Wayback Machine Record Date: Feb 5 2003 Referring Domains as per SEMrush: 39 Domain platform: NameSilo Current rankings in the top 100 of Google US search results as per SEMrush (Screenshot was taken on Feb 13 2023): Blog 2...
  4. SERPhustler

    6 Niche Blogs Built using Aged Expired Domains with Google Rankings and Backlinks - Skip the Google Sandbox Right Away

    Blog 1: Niche: Home Improvement Unique Content: 30000+ words First Wayback Machine Record Date: Feb 23 2004 Referring Domains as per SEMrush: 45 Domain platform: Namecheap Current rankings in the top 100 of Google US search results as per SEMrush (Screenshot was taken on Jan 17 2023)...
  5. Pepsito

    How often should I create backlinks to get out of the Google Sandbox?

    Hello everyone, so here it is, I explain you my current situation so that you can help me find a solution. I created a money site and bought a new domain name never used before in early April (it will be 2 months now). On Semrush, my domain name has gained 9 authority in only one month, I rank...
  6. seojen

    Someone Explains me What is Google Sandbox please!

    I need your advice guys, I have this website created in the first days of April and today I checked it in Ahrefs and found it was showing some keywords there as seen in the screenshot. I've been reading things about new websites and how it normally takes something around 6 months to get out of...
  7. onlinework

    Google Sandbox - Does it exist?

    I have 2 years old website which is performing pretty well on Bing but not on Google. I got like 2-3 clicks a day from Google so I believe it got hit by some kind of Sandbox for a longer period of time. All pages are indexed and all that stuff is good. Checked the domain history and everything...
  8. K

    How To Get Out Of Google SandBox Quickly?

    I've just created a new blog here and have definitely experienced the Google Sandbox. A case study from my old blog, my old blog was hit by the Google Sandbox for 6 months, which in my opinion is quite long. Maybe someone here knows how to get out of Google Sandbox quickly?
  9. Grand Next

    Is SANDBOX Really Exists?

    From the beginning of my SEO journey I am hearing a word "SANDBOX." If you launch a new site, google doesn't rank your site from the beginning. Ahrefs said: SANDBOX is an alleged filter that prevents new websites from ranking in Google's top results. Let's say SANDBOX exists and all of the brand...
  10. Dalene Morovic

    Anyone Familiar with that Problem?

    I started a new website two and a half months ago. Google Search Console says 318 pages got indexed. When I do "" on google it says about 318 results were found but I click last page of search results and it shows only 51 pages. Do you have any idea why this happens?
  11. CamelCase

    Could I have fallen into the Google sandbox?

    On 16 December, the number of visitors to my website has doubled. Then he quickly declined. The visitor count has started to increase again, but I'm not sure it will be back. 16 Dec : 1.5K 17 Dec : 735 18 Dec : 315 19 Dec : 409 Today's end of day forecast: 500s I don't see a warning in Search...
  12. TBolts20

    Google Sandbox with Rank & Rent

    Helllo friends, I am looking to create a Rank & Rent site for fun and to improve my SEO skills. I am just wondering what I should do to best mitigate the whole Google Sandbox issue?? Should I register the Domain, create the site and let it sit for a little while type thing or should I just get...
  13. mdnaziurrhm

    What do you know about google Sandbox

    Can anyone tell me details about google sandbox?
  14. Ali Asghar

    How To Get A Website Out of The Sandbox?

    So my website is showing up on Google when searched for "site:website" but doesn't appear in any search results page when searched for the keyterm, the keyterm is low competitive. So does that mean that my website is still in the sandbox or it's already out of the sandbox?
  15. codeman1234

    What is wrong with my site?

    Hello, I a few weeks ago I had created a small affiliate site from a expired domain with 1 year of age and 0 backlinks. I had been adding some branding and urls links on forums, comments and directories like at most 20 in the last 3 weeks and NO PBNs. I check on Google website is index and all...
  16. nichexposure

    So Google Sandbox is Just a Myth

    Whenever I create a new website with fresh content along with proper On page SEO, i got impact quickly. People are always talking about the sandbox, and I thought it might not work for me. How lucky I am. So for those who still believe in Google Sandbox - Tweet Link -...
  17. jackhorror

    Google Sandbox, Need Help!

    Hallo there! Is there any tool or website to check if Google Sandboxed a site? I checked two sites, the first told me that "Your site is still in google sandbox" and the second "Your site looks ok". So am i?Or not? + If google sandbox a site it takes from 6 months to a year to get out of...
  18. T

    am i sandboxed by big G?

    hi, everyone, just checked my rank and site and found: spider never comes to my site since the day before yesterday 2.when i search in google, i can not find my main page on the first page 3.when i search my ranked key words from last week,i can see my rank there,but...
  19. Designerdude13

    My site is in the google sandbox..please help

    My site is in the google sandbox ballerinadiet . org I went from ranking #1 on the first page to ranking #5 on the sixth page to no page. Is it because I bought backlinks off of Fiverr? I didn't know that buying links could harm your pagerank? Can anyone help me get out of it?
  20. redpill

    Why does Google hate my site!

    I have a site I spent a ton of time on and google is sandboxing me. I have a link from yahoo directory, it showed w/ 2 days ago, now it has nothing. Yahoo site explorer shows 170 links (I just aquired a bunch, it used to show 14 or something) I don't show for...
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