google reviews

  1. M

    Italian Review needed for Google Business

    Hi everyone! We need 20-30 Google Reviews for an Italian business (so the reviews need to be in Italian and we can provide texts if needed). If interested skyp me at mrmariomrrossi (at) gmail (dot) com
  2. xShot

    Charging monthly for GMB reviews

    Has anybody tried this? I always see methods involving selling GMB/Yelp/Facebook reviews to local businesses, and it's obviously a decent way to make some cash. but why not charge monthly to keep the fake reviews online? Maybe it's too along the lines of selling canned air, but if I was to do...
  3. J

    local Google business review expert assistance required.

    need a solid pro to remove two -1 star is 5 years old attached to a dead google account with no reviews or activities...the 2nd is recent but obviously also fake-attached to a new and unused account. also would like to explore the option of burying them with quality reviews that...
  4. E

    Any advice on how to remove GMB listing? [HELP]

    First post here. A year ago I took ownership of a store / business that had shut down. The previous owners got many bad reviews on their GMB listing, and now that the store in "under new management" I want to improve the business' score with genuine good reviews. The problem is, my staff...
  5. G

    WANT TO PAY: Recover 3000 aged gmail pva accounts for writing google reviews again

    Is there a possibility to recover pva gmail aged accounts which are several years old - logging in, searching, youtube, everything working smoothly, human activity, everything fine. Problem: Used them for writing google reviews since 3 years, without any problems. Since 15.04.2021 no chance for...
  6. indianmojojojo

    Special 50% discount for everyone only 2.49$ per reviews including GMB, Trust Pilot, Yelp, Quora Posting and more

    We are happy to introduce a special service for Trust Pilot reviews, GoogleMyBusiness reviews, Yelp reviews, Quora Postings and Reddit Posting. We are able to Drip feed services. Why do you need this service? If you want to increase traffic that will lead the potential customers to your...
  7. d0n

    Google reviews getting deleted immediately after posting. [HELP]

    So I have a few clients of mine who I'm doing fake google reviews for and every time I post a new review for them the reviews get hidden immediately. This just started happening like 2 days ago, and I'm not sure what's going on. If anyone has any tips or maybe knows what's going on it would be...
  8. T

    Looking for local Google and Yelp reviews

    Hello, I am looking local Elite and Google reviewers that are located in Orange County, California, Riverside County, California and Los Angeles County, California. This would be an ongoing relationship if you can deliver. Payment will be made 14 days after the review if it sticks. Thanks
  9. globalexperts


    Google Reviews send customers a positive or negative response to your business, online-store, Restaurant or requirements. You can Expect your SEO rank of google reviews. Scroll down you can see the advantage of buying google reviews We will discuss many kinds of topic about buying Google...
  10. A

    i need trustpilot reviews

    i am looking for trust pilot and google review, drip fed over time, all have to be UK accounts with correct geo targeting, and reviews which stick. Can collaborate if needed for content strategy. After the inital order it would be quite high volume, i need at least 1000 reviews over a year. so...
  11. D

    What will be the best way to post reviews on Google?

    I post reviews for my client on Google here from India. I wanted to know what is the best way to post reviews on Google that bypass it's reviews filter system? I posted few in past few days but some of them were removed. I tried different VPN also (Which will be the best VPN for Google by the...
  12. D

    Which is the best VPN tool to post reviews on the sites like Google, Yelp etc.?

    I've some clients for which I post reviews on sites like Google, Yelp etc. I've tried some VPN before like ShurfShark etc. but it didn't work quite well. So, do you guys know any good VPN which you've used for the work like this?
  13. S

    Complete Guideline Of Online Reputation Management

    In today’s speedy-digital world online presence is the key to a business’s success within a short period of time. From the very beginning all kinds of business had to manage their reputation. But the medium, the speed and the number of people that are reached by that information has been changed...
  14. KittyTheArchitect

    Need Google reviewers from UK Local Guides

    Hi Please contact me if you can post google reviews from UK local guide(s). Happy to pay $10 p\r.
  15. Gosocials

    Google My Business Stimulator

    Silver Package 1 : $47 Duration (10-12 Days) 1 Unique Map with 500 Pin Point Places + 5 Stacking Photos + 5 Miles Radius + 4 Driving Directions. 40 Country Based Citations Link. 1 Google Review 5 Star - Content Required. 30 Map Embedded Back Links. Click Here for Silver Package...
  16. S

    How to write fake Google Biz Reviews?

    Is there any way to write fake google biz reviews for a company without getting flagged by Google? like getting old gmail accounts? if yes from where? or should I use different IP addresses for each review? If yes How? thanks a lot
  17. R

    There's any technique to post reviews on Google?

    I'm trying to improve the Stars of a hospital that receive a year ago an attack with a bunch of fake low rate reviews (They're saying ridiculous things about the place) and since a couple of days, all my reviews aren't posted. Google isn't deleting the fake reviews and instead of that I'm not...
  18. ss1180

    [WTH] Google Guide Reviews

    Looking for someone who can provide Google Guide Reviews. Inbox me - Only Jr.Vip
  19. See Gre

    On whose GMBs reviews are getting posted?

    Are Google reviews getting back on your GMB? If yes, please mention your Business Category and Location?
  20. W

    Need Google reviews

    Hi, I need someone to post a bunch of 1-star Google reviews, probably around 10. Who's up for it and how much will it cost?