google play apps

  1. all_rock

    Do app get suspend with transfer?

    Hello, I will transfer my app another There is a policy violation in my app. Do app get suspend? Is this risky?
  2. all_rock

    Two same apps and ban about

    Hello, i had an app and it is banned. I uploaded it again with new package name without change any code, key, image. Now my old banned app is reinstated by Google Play Team. There are two same app in my console now. My developer account can be banned, what must i do? I think i must transfer one...
  3. rachid2012

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  4. all_rock

    When will my ads show again?

    Hello, my app removed on google play and admob ads are stoped. I published new update and it is live now. When will my ads show again (avarage time)?
  5. all_rock

    People didn't install my new app yet (GP)

    Hello i published my new app on Google Play 2 weeks ago . But people didn't install it yet. My title and description and images are good. Earlier they was installing my other apps in one week (minimum 3, 4 installing). There is 0 install now for new app. Should i wait 1 month?
  6. all_rock

    What can i do to fast publish app? (GP)

    Hi, You know app publishing process can be 4 days or more. If i select the age as only +18 can it be fast? Second question: Is only +18 age disadvantage for install? Are the installation counts affected? My app already isn't for children. I usually select +13 age but if you recommend i will...
  7. K

    Making multiple Google Play Developer Accounts

    Hi, I use to make android apps before and used to buy my accounts from sellers, but now I want to create my own ones. Can anyone give me a guide to look at or tell me how to open multiple accounts? Can I use the same credit card? Does it have to be virtual card? etc.
  8. Shadow Mike

    Impersonation app removed from google play market

    Hi, I released an app with source code bought from CodeCanyon. For this app in particular I just changed the package name and created the custom icon and banner, but I left everything else as it was originally (app assets, app name, etc.). I wonder if any of you have faced a similar issue and...
  9. Drexson HD

    Hi, Please where can I download free non copyrighted HD images?

    Need images for my website and Android apps?