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  1. ValerieMeshko

    Review on google play market

    Hi all. I got an order to do a review on the play store. I'm trying to write a review. I can see it, but others can't. And to write a review I need to install the app on my device. Can you tell me how the review publishing system works. Maybe I missed some points. Why is my review not visible?
  2. T

    I'm looking for Google Play Store Reviews of the range 1000s

    Hello there! I'm looking for Google Play Store Reviews (non-dropping) from the following locations US, India and UK. Seeking quotes for every 1000 reviews.
  3. all_rock

    People didn't install my new app yet (GP)

    Hello i published my new app on Google Play 2 weeks ago . But people didn't install it yet. My title and description and images are good. Earlier they was installing my other apps in one week (minimum 3, 4 installing). There is 0 install now for new app. Should i wait 1 month?
  4. App Promotion

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    Google Play Store Challenge - Using Android Device & Virtual Machine

    Since 2017 there have been a few Google Play App $$$ Journeys... but it appears they could never get past the Google Engagement Metric Algorithm: # of Days install & review... # of Days traffic until install... etc... The Challenge is this: How to integrate an Android Device with a Virtual...
  6. umarkaul

    Need Google Play App Ratings & Reviews Service

    Looking for Google Play Store App Ratings & Reviews Service
  7. LegendAndroidX

    You wanna have your own fake reviews for google play app?

    S'up! black hat forum people, i'm back again , this time with google play reviews , i was fighting and searching to find a solution for fake google play reviews , ( because google now delete them ) * i would like to say sorry to people who are selling fake reviews to people here! i'm not...
  8. r3L4x

    Google Play will now downrank poorly performing apps

    Posted Aug 3, 2017 Google today announced it’s rolling out a change to its Play Store so that better-performing apps – meaning those that experience fewer crashes and those that don’t drain your smartphone battery – will be ranked higher than apps with bugs and other performance issues. The...
  9. 80085

    Trade Google Play Store App Reviews

    Anybody want to trade Android App Store Reviews. I have two apps and am willing to trade reviews. Send me a PM if interested.
  10. Alex Brown

    Boost your app ranking with Keyword Installs

    Boost your app ranking with Keyword Installs Ladies and Gentleman we present you a new revolutionary tool for boosting your application in Google Play store. This is a whole new approach on how to get your app to the TOP in Google Play. A lot of organic installs go from TOP positions...
  11. simoc

    Best Alternative of App2top for Android Apps Reviews

    Hello Everyone First sorry for my english it's not my first tangue. So am here today asking for your help please if there's any Good Alternative for App2top dot org where can i buy good android app reviews for my apps. and if there's one can you please tell me the link and if you have answers...
  12. S

    Android App Ratings & iPhone App Installs services for sell (Approved)

    Android App Ratings & iPhone App Installs. We serve android free app ratings for your Google play app. Which help to boost ranking on app store. Your app's rating is one of the most important factors influencing its ranking in the various lists and search results in Google Play. When browsing...