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You wanna have your own fake reviews for google play app?

Discussion in 'Making Money' started by LegendAndroidX, Nov 5, 2017.

  1. LegendAndroidX

    LegendAndroidX Junior Member

    Nov 1, 2017
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    S'up! black hat forum people,

    i'm back again , this time with google play reviews , i was fighting and searching to find a solution for fake google play reviews , ( because google now delete them )

    * i would like to say sorry to people who are selling fake reviews to people here! i'm not destroying your buisness , it's only a small trick that i'm using to get only 3 reviews a day, if you think i shouldn't post this here feel free to delete it :)

    What you gonna need ? :

    a real old android device , i advice you to use "samsung trend duos" with android 4.2.2 , i try use this black hat shit using some new android devices and it's not working!! ( oppo , samsung note , galaxy 4..)

    how to do reviews ? :
    Good, now you've got an old android device , now go to your phone sittings and add so many gmails accounts , add them one by one , for me i'm using 25 gmail account on my phone .
    after that go to google play store ,and right on the corner tap and choose your account , and go search for you game or app , then install , wait till it's downloaded then enter to the app , then back , put the fake review ( add a good review with as many keywords as you can ) then close the google play store app , make sure its closed and it's not working in the background ,
    now repeat the job , no need to install the app because it's already installed ,but only change the account and put another new fake review.

    You wanna have reviews from different countries ?
    easy , go to network , choose your wifi , add proxy and port , click save and do the same thing.

    This is only to get reviews no installs , so it's normal to see on your google play consol
    1/1 installs and 5/5 reviews , one install , and five reviews . it's normal :)

    please avoid to add so many reviews in one day , like adding 10 reviews in one day . i advice you to add 3 reviews a day . ( if you added 10 reviews , half of your reviews can be deleted after 3 days).

    PLEASE ! try this trick and give us your feed-back :)

    i was trying to add pictures to this post but i think everything is clear.
    ** before this trick i was using Vmware with android 4.2.2 .ISO installed on it , but it's not longer working now **
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  2. aim higher

    aim higher Newbie

    Dec 19, 2014
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    Thanks, seems pretty simple enough. definitely a simple way to get reviews. I would suggest to use a different IP for each review.