google play accounts

  1. spamco

    Create Multiple Google Play Developer Accounts - Wokring Method *2022*

    i tried this method for past few months and its working 100% You need = -vitrualbox -windows 7/10 noo need to activate it also dont use cracked versions -latest firefox also dont use old old version its kinda suspicious , and dont clear cockies ,data each time -disable webrtc in about:config...
  2. totkrot

    High Quality Approved GOOGLE PLAY DEVELOPER Accounts for Sale

    High Quality Approved Google Play Developer Accounts for Sale Authorized seller (deposit paid) in Mobile Pirate community. We care for our reputation and provide only high-quality product. Price: $85 per account. Discounts if you buy more than 10 accounts (Please note that you cover the...
  3. all_rock

    How to manage my virtualbox remotely without G.P. ban?

    Hello friends, I have a lot of os in my virtualbox on my desktop pc. The system is good working for me. But i want to manage them remotely because i travel frequently. I'm not sure team viewer using is risky on main host pc? Can be it risky for Google P. Acc. ban? Always working on notebook is...
  4. spamco

    Multilogin For Google Play Developer

    Hey Guys, IS multilogin works for creating multiple google play developer accounts Is anyone here are using it How was your experience with multilogin Do You Guys recommend it Thanks
  5. all_rock

    Two same apps and ban about

    Hello, i had an app and it is banned. I uploaded it again with new package name without change any code, key, image. Now my old banned app is reinstated by Google Play Team. There are two same app in my console now. My developer account can be banned, what must i do? I think i must transfer one...
  6. all_rock

    App index problem google play

    Hello guys, My app is visible at 150th rank on my keyword some times. And it disappear after a certain time. I don't understand this because not a competitive word. I made ASO but app is 1 month old and it took only 20 installs. What can I do differently? Thanks.
  7. K

    Making multiple Google Play Developer Accounts

    Hi, I use to make android apps before and used to buy my accounts from sellers, but now I want to create my own ones. Can anyone give me a guide to look at or tell me how to open multiple accounts? Can I use the same credit card? Does it have to be virtual card? etc.
  8. all_rock

    About to reupload the app on Google Play

    I had one app on google play but my account has been banned. I want to reupload its and i saw methods on this forum. But I have a few questions. 1) Which font do I must change for fingerprinting on VM? (Exp: Windows, Android Studio styles, or My app Font) 2) I will change my app's package...

    Google Play Store Challenge - Using Android Device & Virtual Machine

    Since 2017 there have been a few Google Play App $$$ Journeys... but it appears they could never get past the Google Engagement Metric Algorithm: # of Days install & review... # of Days traffic until install... etc... The Challenge is this: How to integrate an Android Device with a Virtual...
  10. Meryssa

    Managing multpile google play accounts

    Hi, In first time to manage multiple account in google play i use different RDP for each account, Every account terminated in 2 or 3 months after its buy, I don't know why? After a long search for a new solution,I found an other way to mange multiple account in google play : "use VMAWARE or...
  11. jamesalfa

    Google Play Developer Account needed

    I'm looking for US Google play developer account. PM your price !
  12. mattzoing

    Google Play Developer Accounts On Sale?

    Hello, I want to buy OLD Google Play developer accounts. IMPORTANT: - I'm going to unpublish all the apps it already has - It doesn't matter if it has updates or apps rejected - It MUST be in good standing, not even one strike (banned app) - The older the better, I'm not buying any with less...
  13. B

    Gogle developer accounts needed

    Hi Im in need of more google play / developer accounts on a regular basis so PM me with ur details to proceed further
  14. B

    Needed Google Play accounts suppliers

    Hi Im in need of google play accounts on a regular basis needed some good prices and also needed more suppliers feel free to contact PM me to discuss more
  15. B

    Google Developer Accounts needed

    Hi im in need of google developer accounts I will order regularly with 5-10 accounts every week .. so i need a good supplier for it PM me your details and the prices
  16. B

    Google Developer Accounts needed

    Hi Iam in need of Google developer accounts i need more than 6 accounts and also i will order on a regular basis.. My bulk order purchasing price is 65$ each.. i cant pay more.. I WILL ORDER EVERY 2 DAYS OF TIME!!! so its a big opportunity for you all if anyone interested contact me