google maps box

  1. S

    Manipulating Google map listing

    Hi all, Need a bit of help understanding a weird thing that I am competing with. I have a website that ranks well under the a location based search. An example would be "florist melbourne" Historically we have done very well as we rank well on the map search. Somehow a competitor has been...
  2. B

    Google Local Business Listings NOT POSTING

    I have been on a losing streak lately. My Google Local business listings do not show up in the top 7, "A-G" What gives? When I had this problem before I would just repost the listing up to 3 times changing the text slightly and then it would show up. Now it is not working. Is Google making...
  3. sherbert

    Google Places

    Do any of you know of a pattern for how google decides which search terms get a 'box' ie 1 box, 3 box etc. Is it possible to force a one box where none exist, For example 'recruitment mytown' doesn't have a box but 'recruitment anothertown' does. I suspect it is because there are no google...
  4. M

    Google Maps - Really?

    Hey Everyone, Is it REALLY possible to ensure placement in the Google Maps Box in local markets. I have seen people advertise with a guarantee and charge a very pretty penny for it, but I have not been able to figure out how to offer that same service with a guarantee. Thanks Rick
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