google banned

  1. HotAccounts

    Hello every money maker! :)

    Hello Good morning community. The reason for this message is to say that I hope to make many contacts as I can and even friends and better an active partner of people like you. At one time I would promote my services and would be delighted to team up with everyone and grow these...
  2. Paul Bola

    Why Google Suspends an AdSense Account – Reasons for Ban

    It’s now time to play safe from our end, as we never knew the improved TOC of Google AdSense. Google earns the majority of its billions from AdWords, and they don’t want to entertain any monkey business in their networks, understand how a Google Adsense account will be banned. Click Coercion...
  3. W

    How to scrape websites without take ban from google?

    I have low experience in seo. I scrape 2000 topic every day from another website and i take ban from google after 10 days. how to scrape websites without take ban from google? And how many pages can i scrape without google put me in the blacklist?
  4. Buzzika

    [TIP] Scrapebox + Google Banned Proxies + Google API

    Hello, I am sure a lot of people already know this. I did not. I usually don't scrape much, but recently I had to scrape tons of keywords for one of my projects. I started out with ~30 private proxies and pretty soon all of them were banned on Google. I was running just one thread and 19...
  5. S

    Any PPC options for Hyped up VSL?

    I have a CPA offer on clicksure which has a very hyped up sales video! Does anyone know of any PCC network I could use, or a work around that would enable me to funnel people to my VSL from google adwords or facebook ppc without getting slapped?
  6. S

    got banned by google...:(

    hi... i have about 1000 websites banned by google... i had websites with 25.000 indexed pages... but now i have none... is there any chance to save my business??? i can't lose 1000 websites...i can't wait for more... any chance?? thank you!
  7. L

    Google Banned Me?

    Day 1: I Register a Domain Name, I Upload a free Image Hosting Script Day 2: I Post on 4 forums (yes only 4) the url and ping google for indexation (from google's site) Day 3: Nothing Happends Day 4: I appear on google by searching my entire url Day 5: People start uploading their...
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