google alerts

  1. JB2302

    Get the best out of Google alerts and blogs commenting!! Get Free Traffic and backlinks and brand searches.

    Set up Google Alerts for competitors’ products. Identify discussions mentioning these products. Leave comments following a specific framework: “Any reason why not using X instead of Y (competitor’s product)? X addresses Z and S, offering a superior solution.” Prompt curiosity and drive searches...
  2. autodream

    imdb rss feed for autoblogging

    imdb has no rss feed i tried to get the feed from google alerts querry keyword "" the preview of the alert below is fine and great after creating the rss feed ,i opened it and it show nothing does google alerts not working properly ? i need some help to get imdb rss thanks...
  3. N

    Does the Google Alerts Method Still Work???

    Everyone knows the Google Alerts method, where you create keyword specific alerts so google will notify you every time new content related to that keyword is indexed, you would then comment on as many articles, forums, and blog posts as possible to spread your links. But does this till work...
  4. E

    Useful Google Alerts to Setup

    Hi guys want to stay updated with what is happening in your niche. You can setup Google alerts, here are some you can use; Finding Guest Post Opportunities "write for us" SEO/keyword "submit guest post" SEO "bloggers wanted" SEO "become a contributor" SEO "become an author" SEO Discover new...
  5. C

    Google Alerts and Twitter

    I'm an idiot but I just realized that Google Alerts doesn't do RSS feeds anymore. That means my twitter accounts that were getting their automatic content from Google Alerts haven't been updated since sometime in July. So I looked for a replacement for Google Alerts and found Talkwalker. I...
  6. N

    google alerts feeds with images

    im using wp-omatic to grab a google alerts feed for my keywords but how can i get images into the post?
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