google ai

  1. TheMarquis

    Google no longer automatically indexes websites.

    Based on recent discussions, it appears that Google may no longer be indexing the entirety of the internet for its Search service. Tim Bray and Marco Fioretti noted that certain older websites—those more than 10 years old—did not appear in Google search results, while they were still accessible...
  2. codeman1234

    Google’s new Search Generative Experience Screenshots

    It seems, that Google opens access to Search Generative Experience today. Below is Barry showing us some screenshot with some queries variations he did:
  3. OldWalnut

    Google's New AI Search Updates (Project Magi)

    Early takeaways from Google's new AI search updates, aka Project Magi 1. Most answers appear to NOT cite sources 2. LINKS to dig deeper appear below/offside 3. Emphasis on SHOPPING features 4. SEARCH ADS continue to appear 5. Like ChatGPT, you can "continue" conversations While...
  4. uhq

    [QUESTION FOR BHW PEOPLE] Is Google penalizing websites with AI-generated content as "spam"?

    Hello BHW! I have seen people saying that Google is penalizing AI-generated content on the search engine because it's "spam". Other people are saying that AI-generated content is not penalized, and Google it's okay with it if the quality of article is good. So what do you think guys? I'm...
  5. Johnpeterburs

    Google Bard is Live Now - New way to Experiment the Internet

    Hey everyone, Weeks ago I've applied for Bard's joining list and today I've got an email from Google stating I can access Bard. Out of curiosity, I started spinning out what it can throw out and got the following results. The results obtained are pretty decent as what we expected from them...
  6. MR.Spuf

    AI Test Kitchen - Google AI for Android/iOS *WL*

    Just some teasing, but looks promising:
  7. razharov

    Google update today: We will Ignore your backlinks and deny you in SERP if you had backlinks.

    So today google released an update about backlinks. They say they created a robot, that will scan all your backlinks, and if there are ANY backlink that seems bought, spammy, unnatural to your content traffic and site they will remove all the rank gains that you got from those links...
  8. dbk03

    Google AI Turns Text into Images - ‘Unprecedented Realism’

    The images are mind-blowing: check them here To me, the images look better than what DALL-E 2 is able to generate (more realistic) and, the best news for BHW fellows, Google might offer this service under a public API when the model will be ready
  9. JB2302

    sick of my disturbing idea - GAME OVER FOR ALL OF US

    a lot and lot of pople use google , what if google manages to do list the produt right away in the serch result from the shopping website, and able to perform a simple comarisn without even have the sercher going inside any blog using some smart AI , and earn from the affilate of the purchase -...
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