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  1. GoldenAxxe

    Aged GOOGLE ADS Accounts With Spent History ✅

    My contact details. Telegram:
  2. Takdeer Pias

    ✅ Buy Google Ads Account ✅ Google Threshold Account ✅ Free Google Advertising ✅ Billing Verified Account ✅ Google Ads With Click & Impre...

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  3. A

    Looking for Google Ads Expert for Running Campaign

    Hola! WE are searching for google ads experts for our 2 websites's campaign. Our total monthly spend is around 1.000 - 1.500 Dolar 1 Website already have running campaigns. For other's one need to be create ads campaigns from stracht These are digital product websites Please just...
  4. ali78691

    Unacceptable Business Practices.

    Hello Everyone, my account is getting suspended becauseUnacceptable Business Practices. Previously I was getting immediate suspension because of suspicious payments somehow I finally found the solution for that and I am able to run almost every account I create but the problem is after few...
  5. T

    Google ads Suspension Affiliate Marketing

    Hey guys this is my first thread on BHW, I'm a beginner on affiliate marketing i started practically lately and started with GAds as my advertising platform, I ran the campaign with my landing page a legit one then I've got suspended with Circumventing the system policy and i wanna ask you is...
  6. MehtaM

    Has anyone successfully used Google Ads Threshold accounts repetitively?

    I've seen some offers in marketplace where some people are selling Google Ads coupons, some are selling $350 threshold accounts and some are selling the method. I wonder if one can use multiple accounts over time successfully without getting your accounts and website banned?
  7. Eholic

    Campaign Daily Budget Spend Between Ad Groups

    Hello, The below question applies to Bing Ads (mainly), Google Ads and YouTube Ads. When setting the campaign's daily budget spend, (for example $5/day) how does this budget usually get spent between ad groups? I am thinking of doing 2 or 3 ad groups maximum for this campaign. Let me know...
  8. Eholic

    Custom Affinity Audience - Setting up Youtube Campaign

    Hello, I have completed adding my keyword interests into the Custom Affinity Audience (for setting up my Youtube Campaign) When I clicked create, a red notice came up (undernearth the field where keywords are entered) saying : "The keyword of interest or website URL already exists". I have...
  9. Eholic

    Spending $2.50 VS $5.00 on Youtube Ads.

    Hello, So I am about to run YouTube Ad but just when I thought I was ready to get started a question popped in my mind. What is the difference between spending a daily budget of $2.50 and $5.00 on YouTube Ads? (For instance, will I be able to reach more people per day if I went with the...
  10. survivorghost

    ⚪ GOOGLE ADS (Adword) ⛔ SUSPENSION ⛔

    In the past 10 days I've been struggling with Google ads, trying to start my campaign to no avail. every time I start a campaign I get a red message at top saying that The accounts has been suspended, due to suspicious payment detected. Now I know I am probably doing something wrong, but I...
  11. L

    Please Help Google Search

    Hi. I need your help guy. I have website i want when someone search my website on google show the list or categories my website i have an exmple like, it shows the list of categories like that. Please me who should i do it???. Please see the image i upload to understand what i'm...
  12. bewithme465

    Adwords - had you tried coupons

    HELLO members i need an answer if you knew it plz share it Does are u using google adwords account, if so plz tell me DID YOU USED ADWORDS COUPONS OF 50 $ 100$ 150$ IN SAME SINGLE ACCOUNT TO ACTIVATE ALL COUPONS. We can add as many adword coupons to same account or to use THOSE...
  13. M

    Making Money With Google TV Ads

    I only just found out that google does Tv advertising now through adwords and wanted to know if anyone out there has tried it and is having success with it, and what the pricing structure is. Heres the link to them: http://www.go* Any experience or advice...
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