google ad manager

  1. Krio

    New Search campaign- Doubt

    Hello, I'm a beginner. So earlier I used to run smart campaigns for my Ecom website to test around. Last week I created my first search campaign- maximize conversion , it was showing "eligible (learning) " for the last 5 days. Today it says "eligible" , but I don't see any ads running...
  2. woong_team

    Am I being swindled? Please help me.

    Dear BHW Community, I have been working for a year with a wordpress developer from Pakistan named A. It was good because the work was done quickly. But these days, no matter how much I think about it, my attitude toward me is strange. 1.He bragged to me that he could finish the work within...
  3. rise520

    Google Adwords Expert needed for Gambling Website (violate ads policy)

    Hey Guys, Looking for long term relationship. Requirement, Ads up in 1 week Google text ads only Thank you for your time !
  4. D

    Google Ad Manager new DoubleClick for Publishers

    Hello, We’re renaming DoubleClick’s publisher platforms ‘Google Ad Manager’ to better reflect how our platform has evolved. Our goal is to help you earn more Goodmoney and protect your brand wherever your audience is watching, playing and engaging. What to expect: • Over the course of several...