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  1. W

    Tactics for avoiding similiar domain name banned google ads

    I'm curently trying to have a website with the consimiliar domain name to some other to promote via Google ADS. I get suspension everytime even though the website is totall white, bit a domain name is quite similiar to some other platform. What can I do in such case?
  2. CapitalistNet

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  3. GamblingAffiliateto1m$

    Help with Black Hat Keywords Google PPC

    Hey Frens, Im promoting casinos online and I have something missing in my BH PPC tactics. Black hat google its not only Cloaking, you have 3 areas you need to master: Keywords, Ad copies and Landing page. While your LP Cloaking is great, if you don't know how to Insert BH keywords and Ad copies...
  4. hz73219

    Best Cloaker for Google Ads ?

    "I want Google to see a page that complies with their policies, while real users will see my monetized page. Is there any tool currently available that is the best? I tried using JustCloakIt but it doesn't seem to work."
  5. Z

    Looking for an offer, eager to give away money!

    Dear forum users! I'm looking for a partner or assistant. I need an offer that can pay off from Google traffic by at least 70-80 percent. A proven ready-made offer. I'm willing to pay money, take a share, or pay a percentage for such a find. The main thing is that the offer can be advertised...
  6. smail1

    I have a question about bid strategy google ads

    I have a question please I want to run a search advertising campaign on Google IPTV ! It is better (bid strategy: impression share or maximize clicks or maximize converssion) ?
  7. smail1

    please i need help, my account has been suspended, google ads

    hello evreyone i have qeustion for google ads? I am promoting a gray ad. After a period of time, my account has now been suspended. How do I recover it, knowing that people restore it, but I do not know the method? Is there a message or something like that?
  8. W

    Link building in huge scale worths in order to increase significantly the website traffic

    Recently I ear some guys claiming that using direct traffic from multiple popular websites, besides facebook, IG, TIKTOK, Twitter such as: forums, blogs, press releases, business listings, web 2.0, bookmarks sites, classified sites, guest posts, etc.. all combined they can bring hundreads of...
  9. M

    A question for the PPC experts out there

    Regarding the in-app ads placed by the google display network, do they also run in apps from the app store on iOS? Does apple has its own Ads platform in order to place in-app ads on the apps you will publish on their app store? or does the google ads network include iOS apps as well?
  10. karlochi

    2-step verification

    Quick question. From now on i need to manage client account with 2 step password process for accesing Google account. Is anybody had problems with this sort of protection when you need to access account.
  11. A

    Google ads threshold

    Does anyone have the same problem or it’s just us, we are having a big problem lately getting gg ads threshold accounts back from suspension after creation, i can say that 99% of our accounts get rejected after we appeal them, And i can’t find the problem to find the solution for it, we don’t...
  12. D

    Google Ads Introduces New, Streamlined Design

    Google Ads has introduced a revamped design for its Ads platform to enhance the accessibility and organization of data and tools. The following are highlights from the YouTube video of new features coming soon to Google advertisers. More info here...
  13. D


    Hello BHW friends. Yesterday, 05/18, I had several blocks in my Google Ads accounts (6 in total) for this reason: Your account has been suspended: Your account has an outstanding balance. The problem is that some blocked accounts do not have a pending balance. Google has not had any attempts...
  14. M

    How will you run Google performance max ads properly for ecom

    I'd be happy to help you run Google Performance Max ads. Here are the steps to run Google performance max ads properly for ecom business: Set up a Google Ads account: Create an account on Google Ads if you don't have one already. Determine your target audience: Know your target audience, their...
  15. Google BW

    Running google ads on black hat

    You need : 1. Good aged account with spend 2. Proxy residential 3. Antidetect browser or RDP (better rdp) 4.VCC which you have not used before in google ads 5. good cloak 6. White page
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