go daddy

  1. C

    Dnt Know What To Do....Help

    hello, so I'm pretty new at the whole domain name thing so not really sure what to do. so I bought a 99cent domain name from go daddy today that I was gonna use for adds or landing pages or what not so after I buy the name Go Daddy sends me to a page telling that the domain name is worth...
  2. Bigblast

    Need Web developer

    # You have to remove those links that do not work in my site # How fast can u get rid of those 4 links on top of my video # Testing how fast how good you are in next 20 minutes
  3. mattwm

    Issues with MOZ DA scores on vanity URLs and BlogSpot

    Hi All, Firstly, if this is in the wrong section then I apologise. I've seen numerous MOZ DA posts in this section so presumed it was the 'correct' place. Is anyone familiar with DAs on vanity URLs associated with a blogspot URL. I've a client who's purchased a vanity URL through GoDaddy...
  4. L

    1 FREE dotcom domain for the 1st person who claims it

    I am blessed to have a method to get UNLIMITED dot com domains at the cheap (promo) prices from GoDaddy and BigRock. Otherwise, usually dot com domains from GoDaddy and BigRock are US$10 to 12 approximately (after taxes). I always buy mine at the cheapest prices, as many as I need. As my...
  5. L

    You CAN buy UNLIMITED dot com domains ALWAYS at $0.99

    You CAN buy UNLIMITED dot com domains ALWAYS at $0.99 from Go Daddy and BigRock when the $0.99 offer is running. Here is the method and it is simple. Each time use a different card. Each time use a different email. Regarding the cards you will use to buy, the purpose is defeated if you will buy...
  6. M

    .co.uk and .uk domains are just £1

    GoDaddy promotion; *Discount applies to .co.uk, .uk, .org.uk and .me.uk domain registrations. Discount to be reflected in the cart. Cannot be used with any other offer, sale, discount or promotion. Not applicable to taxes, transfers, premium domains, Trademark Holders/Priority...
  7. jimmy112

    Which DOmain Auction site works Best for you?

    If you have successfully flipped a domain i would like to know which auction site worked best for you sedo godaddy afternic Flippa.com Any other Please mention in comment BHW Rocks
  8. T

    [Urgent]Need help with Go Daddy!

    I just received a Go Daddy Verification request were they tell me that if I don't take action/respond within 48h my domain will be cancelled. They want me to send a scanned copy of my ID or passport, this is not the problem though. The problem is that they also ask me to send an explanation of...
  9. zivmaymon

    What is the ceapest way to buy many domains?

    Does one [or more] of you have any coupons I can use on namecheap? I'm buying like 2-3 domains everyday and it's becoming a little heavy So what do you suggest?
  10. T

    Register A Godaddy Domain for $1

    Just thought I would make my contribution to BHW just say thanks if you find this useful. GoDaddy has One Year Domain Name Registration for $.99. Use coupon code "BOWL2010". Additional $0.18 ICANN fee applies. Enjoy! Still working as of today Jan 26, 2010
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