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  1. GMBExpert

    Hey ALL! Finally got a BHW LOL! LOCAL GMB EXPERT - Google Maps SEO Expert Swapping Tips

    Hey all, glad to finally have an actual account on here lol. Have never found it necessary, but when in Covid do what the bored SEOs do! lol. Been in the SEO game for 10+ years, have owned 5 successful SEO agencies, but have spent the last 2 years solely dedicated to local, and GMB...
  2. yogi17

    Using Exact Keyword In Business Name is Safe These Days?

    These days I can see almost every GMB ranks with using the exact keyword in a business name. I was thinking why these GMBs don't get penalized after some days? They are ranking and ranking. Is it still safe these days? Whats your thoughts?
  3. J

    Will Anyone Still Do GMB Verification W/O Postcard???

    i have been looking for someone to help me with gmb verification for some time now and no one seems to know how to do it anymore??
  4. C

    GMB Optimisation - GMB Ranking

    Hello All, Need someone to optimise a google local. If successful, I have over 100 GMB listings that need optimising. Thanks, D
  5. J L GUPTA

    [Free] Google My Business Optimization Service

    Hello everyone :) I want to practice on Google My Business Optimization Service, so i who really interested with this free service inbox me. Thank you a lot.
  6. Mirkogiovannetti

    SEO Maps Google Ranking

    dear boys, I would like to ask you for help regarding this photo. I often see people who publish these photos with the results of their ranking on google maps. Can I know the name of this tool? I would also like to use it to study the competition, thanks.
  7. hackgrowth

    Dumbing Down GMB

    Wrote this long post to help a fellow member understand ranking and renting GMB... and thought I'd post it here to help clear things up for whoever has trouble understanding the concept. This is as per my understanding, so feel free to correct me if I'm wrong! --- So... Y'know when you...
  8. S

    GMB ranking and internal pages

    Hi, If i add a blog to my site (its a local business) other than the fact that it will rank for more keywords, does it also help to rank or improve the rankings of the GMB itself?
  9. See Gre

    Ask anything about GMB

    You can ask anything about GMB, reviews, ranking, removal or any other information related to Google my business page.
  10. See Gre

    Google verified reviews

    A verified customer review is a review a customer can leave after making a purchase from a company’s website. Seller ratings appear on Search Ads, in Google Shopping, and on an optional badge that can be displayed on your site. This type of review differs from a typical Google review in that in...
  11. errorboy007

    [Question] How can we rank Google My Business Listing in SERP?

    Any of methods are appreciated I'm just looking for proper guide I already tried that paid reviews and daily blog post sharing method but really not working for me so please show some love to this post & share your own method if you knew any! Thank you in Advance :)
  12. See Gre

    GMB + Social Media + Citations + Backlinks = Google Ranking

    To rank your GMB you need to boost your business on all platforms. Regular work of many months will give you fruitful results by ranking your GMB on Google. Just having reviews won't work. What do you think?
  13. dezin

    Suggest me GMB Listing Training with out postcard

    Hey, I am going to experiment a Local Seo site, I heard its possible to do a gmb listing on your own. I didn't find any trustable service yet. Can anyone suggest me training or service link? Arigato
  14. See Gre

    Role of Q&A in GMB

    Positive reviews have good impact in online reputation of any business. Similarly Q&A also impact GMB reputation and SEO also it seems genuine and help in optimization. What do you think?
  15. S

    Best way to rank gmb

    Hey guys, What is the best way to rank GMB? The site is improving its rankings but thr GMB is still stuck in position 10-11. Thanks!
  16. S

    Does an Auto Click Bot Work?

    Hey guys. Do the click bots or other services that click on your site or in my case a google map listing actually help increase rankings by increasing the ctr? or is it just rubbish ? If someone knows of a good service please let me know (only if this method works) Thanks!
  17. Brilliant Digital Services

    High Quality GMB Reviews - Google Business Reviews - 15 days replacement

    GMB Reviews 1 Quantity 5 Reviews Text will be provided by client Cost : $7/review or $35 Replacement warranty 15 days , only once GMB Reviews 2 Quantity 5 Reviews Text will be provided by client Location and Name as per client requirement Cost : $10/review or $50 Replacement warranty 15...
  18. raptor911

    LOCAL SEO: What is important?

    Hy guys, I´m trying to rank a local business right now. Already got some results by buying Citations and adding Social Signals. Of course everything NAP consistent. GMB already optimized. Now I don´t really know what else could help to rise in local ratings ? Do you guys know any more ways to...
  19. D

    it support hello world

    hey everyone , i'm working as an it support since 4 months and the manager gas given me a new mission , wich SEO with google my business , i'm having a lot of trouble with GMB profiles , hoping to find the solution here ... tools , techniques , etc ... thanks world
  20. enigmaghost

    Local SEO Guide Anyone?

    What's up crazy people, who has the best complete local SEO guide? Links, opinions and references much appreciated.