Using Exact Keyword In Business Name is Safe These Days?


Nov 15, 2018
These days I can see almost every GMB ranks with using the exact keyword in a business name. I was thinking why these GMBs don't get penalized after some days? They are ranking and ranking.

Is it still safe these days? Whats your thoughts?
EMD really does the job!

They continue to work well and are very relevant to local SEO.

I use the same EMD strategy for Google MY Business. lol
Hi guys, I've tried to discuss quite similar topic in another thread but wasn't receive any feedback (yet).
Is it possible that my GMB which is fully updated with pictures, reviews, opening hours, call to action buttons, reviews, Q&A, etc. is on the second place while on the first place is unclaimed GMB with multiple KWs in their business name ? Their Business name is KW, KW, KW, KW + corp. structure imagine something like that Plumbing, Cleaning, Consulting & International Trade LLC while my business name is "Brandname" + KW + corp. i.e. Atomex Plumbing Ltd.

So when someone look for plumbing and/or cleaning + my city they actually see unclaimed GMB in the first place while I am struggling on the 2nd position for a while.

I was thinking to change my GMB business name to KW, KW, KW + brandname + corp structure i.e. Plumbing, Cleaning & Consulting Atomex Ltd. but I am afraid getting penalized because I think this is against current GMB rules where it is written "Enter your business title as it appears to customers in the real world" Any comment on that guys ?
I have seen some business name getting penalized by google and was suspended due to keywords in their business name.
I don't know ... seriously thinking to change the name. My plan is to wait for circa 1-2 months i.e. until September (because it is a low. comp. niche, with max. 20 companies in this city) and then test with the exact KWs in my name... in the meantime I'll update the corp website although I am not sure this will boost the GMB ranking.
I named my business my exact keyword and I pick up sooo much business from my GMB even when my website ranks top
I’ve started suggesting edits to local listings that do that and changed the name to normal. We’ll see if it does anything. I know reporting does nothing.
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