1. GBeast-Black-Friday-2023.png


    GBeast - Send Unlimted Cold And Mass Email Campaigns From Unlimited Gmail Or G-Suite Accounts
  2. 4aim


    GSUITE SUPER ADMIN GOOGLE WORKSPACE FOR EDUCATION & NONPROFIT FOR SALE Gsuite Edu Price: $500 One-time Gsuite Nonprofit Price: $500 One-time Features: Up to 10,000 users and more if needed by request, soft limit of 2,000 users for gsuite nonprofit but can increase Each user can have 30GB...
  3. GBeast-signature.png


    Send unlimited cold and mass email campaigns from unlimited Gmail or G-Suite accounts - No SMTP needed
  4. B

    Questions on cold emailing

    I've got a list of 200k emails of customers that have purchased atleast once from a certain site within my niche and was just wondering a couple things before reaching out to them. I tried a couple thousand emails on klaviyo a few months back but i had no idea what I was doing which landed me in...
  5. nerdblogger

    How to stop emails from landing in Google's Promotions tab?

    I have been warming up my SMTP server lately, its been a month already. Now, I wanted to send my cold email template to my potential prospects - I am able to achieve great deliverability but the only problem I am facing right now is with the promotions tab. I want my emails to land into my...
  6. L

    Cold Emailing-How Am I Doing?

    Hello everyone, very new to all of this so I apologize if this post comes off as dumb. I have a list of 10K emails that I am needing to cold contact about some things in a field they have opted to hear more things related to from in the past. I have been trying a few email cleaning service on...
  7. bazal lucifer

    need software script suggestions

    hey guys i want to use gmail or office 365 accounts to send bulk email campaigns everytime i cant open every single account and send email from them manually can anyone who can suggest me a software or simillar script thing which can handle all accounts and send emails from accounts
  8. Hayden Russell

    How smart are Spam filters? Cold Email Marketing

    I have been lurking on this forum for quite a while and have learned so much. This is actually my first post. So, I want to take a crack at cold email marketing for my upcoming service with a list scraped from Google, but I don't want to risk getting my domain blacklisted or anything. My...
  9. kd199121

    Is there any replacement for Gmass ?

    Hey i need a service where i can send mail to 20000 to 50000 recipient ( Email Ids ) Paid services are most welcome but it should not be covered in spam ! Suggest me some websites who provide such services Thank you -
  10. Meerakat

    Optimize Your Inbox Rate By At-least 90% - GMass

    Not sure if they really check your email campaigns, but seems like your subject line only had\s to contain either of the words. Those who are trying to hit the inbox but do not possess any SMTP server can download GMass and make use of this. Time is limited, so better make use of it now before...
  11. Robb7

    Whats your opinion about sending mass cold emails...?

    Hey people, first post here, these days im trying to get deep into the forum, will take some time, so i found the chance to discuss some alternative options and tips about sending cold emails. My case is a European tour for a artist that i represent. I have to send less than 10.000 emails to...
  12. boy_toronto

    Mass mailing with Gmail accounts

    Hey guys, I managed to create 500 gmail accounts. They're all verified with phone number and prompt verification. I need to make money and my plan is to use those accounts to send offers. I have a list of emails to start. From what I know google allows me to send 100 emails a day per account...
  13. Amsterdammed

    Gmass not working after gmail update

    Annybody the same problem or is it only me Thanks
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