1. M

    YouTube Ghosting

    Hi Guys, I have a problem, youtube keeps ghosting my videos I tried all the following triks and It's still ghosting them : changing the channel changing the ip (proxy) changing the machine editing the videos and its metadata And the videos still get ghosted, can you gelp me please
  2. nirajjoshi

    YouTube ghosting videos!

    So, I decided to create accounts with android emulator and verified them with Voip numbers. Uploaded a movie. Got no copyright claim as its from a small studio and a local distributor. Guess what? It's been 48 hours and video is not even indexed. Tried searching with various filters but...
  3. C

    Youtube video not ranking in incognito browser

    Hi, I have a video and its ranking #3 in my YouTube app and on the phone browser, AND on my laptop browser. When I open an incognito window and view the results page my video is no where to be found. Is this youtube "ghosting" me? Or does youtubes algo give different results to different...
  4. cuiicasquerunbee83

    How to prevent Youtube comment from being ghosted?

    I've seen people comment on Youtube with link without being ghosted, but why my comment is being ghosted all the time when I use the links similar to what they're using? Any methods they bypass this comment ghosting thingy?
  5. whitewar2001


    I have been having some problem with ghost notification lately. You follow an account but nobody see's your notification. This results to low or no followback. I have a method that relies on followback and dm but with no or little followback the accounts are useless. I have tried to figure out...
  6. J

    How to get HashTags# Working again?

    I've tried VPN, different accounts, new accounts, old accounts and Im not getting my posts on hashtags? This happened to anyone else before and is there a solution?
  7. J

    Am I ghosting on Instagram?

    I type in a hashtag for example: #love. On the account I posted the hashtag with, I can see that I'm on the hashtag, but when I go on a different account, and I search for the hashtag, my post is not on there. I can only see my post on the hashtag #love on the same account I posted it on. Also I...
  8. C

    Pinterest Ghosting

    Any way to recover? This account has a decent amount of followers (5K+) that can still see pins to my non-group boards on their home feed. I'm just debating whether or not to continue pinning regularly on these non-group boards for fear of getting banned. This account was once suspended, now...
  9. F

    Twitter ghosting accounts?

    I have an account with thousand of followers. I used the iOS app "Tweeticide" to clean out old tweets to eliminate 404 links to an old website that I had. Now when I tweet, the tweet count goes up but the tweets do not show. The home screen for the account shows "*** hasn't tweeted yet" I am...
  10. S

    Backpage Ads (escort section)

    Ok, so I've promoting dating CPA offers through the escort section on backpage. Earlier this year, I was posting my ads with my normal IP address, and using the same debit card number. Ads would be posted all over the US, typically no problem. They would stay up a day or so which was plenty...
  11. A

    Help with making posts on CL

    Hey guys, A simple question, hopefully with a simple answer. I'm looking to make a large number of posts on various craigs list pages. If anyone has any suggestions (or think they can do it) let me know. Obviously CL limits the # of postings one account can make, and creating new accounts...
  12. B

    Gravatar Comments Ghosting - What can I do about it?

    Looks like the Gravatar account I was using to post comments with a picture has been reported and now it and any associated domains are ghosting when I post a comment. :( I tried setting up a new Gravatar, but it looks like the domain is the issue. Is that domain no good anymore, for...
  13. B

    Twitter taking a page from the CL playbook?

    I've got one Twitter account that i've been semi - bad with, agressively pushing a product mixed in with some RSS feeds etc. I noticed last night in my tool log that the auto follow was returning the 403 cannot add more users, so I figured I had hit my 1000 for the day. Went and checked the...
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