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  1. nakamura ➡️ German Article Writing Service ➡️ Unique Content By Native Germans

    ►►►HANDWRITTEN GERMAN CONTENT FOR YOUR MONEY SITES, PBN OR OTHER PROJECTS ◄◄◄ Three different packages: - Starter ($3.5 per 100 words) - Standard ($9 per 100 words) - Premium ($12 per 100 words) Who is writing the articles? They are handwritten and proofread by germans. What is the...
  2. Coingrabber

    Freelancing and being paid in BTC - An actual possibility?

    Hello! I am looking for a way to earn BTC doing freelancing. I'm a German writer, yet I speak English fluently as well. While I am searching this for my own interest mainly, I also look out as a friend of mine wants to earn BTC online doing article writing etc. too. Are there any sites or...
  3. Vlad133

    [Need] Non-English SEO (Gambling Niche)

    Hello fellow forum members! I have purchased a lot of SEO services here but they all were in English ( article submissions, texts and etc. ). At the moment I am looking for an opportunity to build links with French, German and some local websites in New Zealand, Canada, Australia, Kenya...
  4. Udo Gelb

    German article writer needed

    Hello everyone! I'm searching for a German article writer. Topic will be provided. Just PM me your price for 300, 500, 1000 words. Thanks
  5. ron.ray

    German content writer needed

    Native German content writing needed for 5-10 articles/month. Please PM or add me to Skype if relevant. Thanks!
  6. MediaConsult

    Deutsche Blog Texte

    wir suchen einen deutschsprachigen Writer für das Verfassen von Blog Texten im Beautybereich Thema: Wimpernverlängerung, Wimpernverdichtung, Xtreme Lashes, Shellac Maniküre, Henna Brow, Wimpern Botox, Wimpernlifting jeweils 300 Wörter Bitte per PM melden. Danke
  7. goblog46

    English translate German or French, it's good?

    hi mate. i decide to make germany site with english content and translate to german with bing translator, it's good enough? any experience with translate content guys? thank you for the answ.
  8. M

    Looking for a german writer .

    Hi, I am looking for a person who can write content for me in German . The Job will be ongoing and you will be writing for my blogs, descriptions , content for website etc . After we speak I will require a sample text in the topic provided by me . Contact me with your prices. Thanks in...
  9. R

    German content writer required

    I'm hiring some writers for my website The article must be 500+ words. Please show me some samples of your work