gay boss

  1. TomTheCat

    Jeff is going to space...

    I wish he stays there and never come back! My Amazon account is on hold, because I tried to buy something that was expensive. After they will show me that I can buy a notebook for $1, then I will trust them that what I bought is expensive. The funny thing is I can't provide a card statement...
  2. Keni richardson

    CSR professional to Affiliate marketing newbie

    Hi! guys my name is keni. I have been in customer service for many years, that is why i chose affiliate marketing because i know many things about people and nothing about affiliate marketing. two years ago when i began learning about online business. i had no clue as to what i was getting...
  3. jaysamuel

    Need Clever Way to Tell My Boss "Suck it".

    Started making $10k per month, I really need a good way to tell my boss to suck it. (I'm quitting). I have a $1,000 budget to do this. He's a general asshole. I really couldn't come up with anything good. My best friend quit last week and he used the mariachi band, so that's out of the...
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