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    GaryVee Is Still Preaching the Hustle Gospel in the Middle of a Pandemic

    This thoughtful piece from Sarah Kessler on Medium is a great reminder that the GaryVee brand of ‘hustling’ isn’t for everyone – and in a pandemic, it can be particularly dangerous. Source...
  2. IG Professor

    Wtf gary v you didnt heard about dropshipping?

    So many ppl will have to suffer in garage sales now + wtf bro selling lego? Its VERO . Your account will get shutdown. Let me monetize your audience I will teach them how to do it without getting out from their houses
  3. loopline

    Amazon Merch Journey from $0 daily to 9 figures daily

    The purpose of this thread is to hack my own accountability by making myself accountable to the community. So in other words Im being selfish and using this to keep driving myself hard. :) As for the title, its a joke because I don't plan to be doing 9 figures daily of course, lol If your...