GaryVee Is Still Preaching the Hustle Gospel in the Middle of a Pandemic


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Aug 31, 2010
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This thoughtful piece from Sarah Kessler on Medium is a great reminder that the GaryVee brand of ‘hustling’ isn’t for everyone – and in a pandemic, it can be particularly dangerous.

This thoughtful piece from Sarah Kessler on Medium is a great reminder that the GaryVee brand of ‘hustling’ isn’t for everyone – and in a pandemic, it can be particularly dangerous.


I thought only the top part of the article had anything to do with it or what I consider hustling:

There are few business maneuvers that Gary Vaynerchuk appears to love more than the flip. The Belarus-born, New Jersey-raised, straight-talking entrepreneur — “GaryVee” to his fans — regularly recommends from sports cards to sports cars. He once created a special five-part video series devoted to his love of yard sales, and in January, suggested his fans flip 250 sweatshirts printed with the slogan “Hustle like my name is GaryVee,” via tweet those who succeeded in driving the price up on Ebay. So when the coronavirus essential supply schemers emerged in mid-March, like who sold squirts of hand sanitizer to his classmates, it wasn’t to conclude that, as one t put it, “this kid is 100% a GaryVee fan.”

Though there is no way to count exactly how many people publicly assumed that Vaynerchuk would support flipping essential supplies during a pandemic, there were enough that Vaynerchuk decided he needed to address them through his social channels. “There have been so many articles written about people hoarding hand sanitizer and wipes and things of that nature and flipping it, and I see a lot of people tagging me,” he said in a posted on March 14, emphasizing his disapproval. “When there is a global pandemic and people need things and you hoard them to flip them on eBay and Amazon… That’s garbage, that’s not fucking entrepreneurship I look up to. That’s fucking disgusting horseshit.”

The thing is I posted about hand sanitiser on here weeks before you couldn't get any.

His trash hunting is no different. Where he finds mugs and toys etc and buys them at rock bottom or tries to get as much as he can for under a dollar or similar then sells it on eBay for 10x more.

He would argue the demand or price is there and although I do think cashing in on people during a pandemic might be a bit "off" to some, it's really no different. Demand fuels price. Look at gym equipment OR even the price of weight plates that's all sky rocketed would he have the same opinion on that or not?

Easy to shit on the hand sanitiser lot as it's an easy target but everyone who is "hustling" is doing it right I even like little side hustles myself - ill be one of them people with a few of the PS5 and Xbox consoles ready to sell on eBay for 2x the price (or more) at Christmas ill admit that now!

I don't get why people go and pay to listen with him or pay them price tags to sit in his "brain storming" sessions. I used to like him, I found his videos would pump me up and id feel good BUT you watch one heck even two, you seen and heard it all before.

He is 100% a motivational speaker, he is also an IMer and he's built an "empire" around him to justify that fact he can claim he is not a speaker or IMer because he has all this stuff to his name..

It's the same as his business story - the business was already doing a few million? Its not hard to make more money when you have money.. I get he increased the growth but most businesses do that anyway and people forget that.

I will dip my cap to him and say he's done well to capitalise on chances he has been given but he's nothing more than that.

At least in my opinion. Id give him a run for his money anyway lol ;)
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