1. B

    Pussy hat

    there's a lot of dumbass fuckers here you all can suck my dick and I really wanna see all of you get the motherfuckers corona just to get rid of your piece of shits!
  2. high mike

    is it possible to get suspended twitter accounts back?

    my twitter account was suspended idk why, maybe because twitter is full of little fucking sheep who report anything that offends their soft pathetic hearts? sorry rant over. has anyone had success getting a twitter account unbanned or unsuspended? I can logon, but it says: "Your account...
  3. gman777

    PUA can suck my dick

    I've just taken the red pill, and god dammit, it's so hard to swallow. But, it's definitely well worth it. PUA can lick my balls with their "Oh bro, you just need confidence". Umm, yeah, right. In fact, if you're ugly and confident, a girl may consider it an aggression. My concern about...
  4. gman777

    God bless you and your family...

    That's what gipsy beggers told me when I gave them $1. But guess what? They keep fucking asking me for stuff. "Can I also get 2 pieces of bread?Or half bottle of gem?or half bottle of stalinska? Fuck off. I just tried to be nice and you abuse me.( I should call to 911) Then after I politely...
  5. Elite_x

    How to Get traffic for adult forum?

    I want get more traffic for my adult forum... how can i do this..?
  6. F

    the best site for videos

    this site the best for videos to view all videos visite http://www.fdaeh.com/
  7. P

    Having a real hard time cracking Yelp...

    I am usings VPN and taking PVA email accounts and sign-up on yelp with those. I am uploading a profile picture (stolen from facebook), filling out birthday, location, ... And then I am surfing for 5-10mins on the site and logging out. I randomly log in to the website and then search some more...
  8. Gibz170

    I hate dp .... It is the worst fucking forum!

    I am an old member with 22 positive feedbacks and good reputation. I created a new thread with backlinking service, and people started to reply to the thread with questions, and i started to answer them - Normal. They banned me because i am BUMPING THE FUCKING THREAD ... I am answering people...
  9. TheChronicles

    Need Someone Reliable To Post 100 Ads Everyday On Craigslist

    Hi, im looking for someone who can post 100 ads everyday on craigslist, someone with experience ofcourse, need someone to post it everyday 100 a day 700 a week 3000 a month hope you get were im going with this. The ads must stay up a decent amount of time of 7 days atleast without being...
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