1. M

    Is "Youtube + clickbank" still working?!

    Hello guys, This is my first time to post a thread here, and I hope to find answers from experts or anyone who tried "Youtube+ Clickbank" strategy. lately, i decided to start a channel where upload videos with low-competition keywords and do some seo to rank them up. I have here two...
  2. Iizlander

    Google You're A Monster

    I've been blogging and affiliate marketing for over 8 years. I've watched several of my blogs get index number one in Google but that hasn't happened in years. Google, You're A Monster Even the few times I was ranked number one in Google, it only lasted a month or two before I quickly got...
  3. T

    What about a shared adword campaign to bring traffic to others - Please gimme replies!

    I guys, This is my first post on this forum cause I was quietly reading and learning a lot since a couple of weeks.. And I wanna say thanks you, you all for this great community. Just want to submit to you an idea : What if I create a blog in a certain niche, and then ask to differents...