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  1. lilkrito

    What after finishing google digital marketing certification !? [Freelancing]

    Hi BHW Community, I finished yesterday the fundamental digital marketing certificate via google (40 Hours Course), and I don't know now what to do next, cause I want to work as a freelancer, so any suggestions or next steps, or any particular skill I need to learn next (Don't need a lot of time...
  2. R

    What Are The Ways Of Earning In 2021?

    What are the ways of earning online in 2021? And some methods of doing it would be appreciated? I'm looking for new ways to earn money and fast money as I'm a student so my only income would b earning online, so kindly please tell me some ways, methods or anything that would help.
  3. I

    Hello & Hi Everyone!

    I am new to BHW awesome community, studying masters in Computer Science & Information Technology. I like to learn and provide freelancing service what i am expert in: Programming. Ethical Hacking Web Development & Graphic Designing. Software & App Development. Digital Marketing i.e. SEO, SEM...
  4. Sweetrevenge

    [HELP] What to do ? Freelancing dilemma

    So, yesterday I was contacted by someone on LinkedIn about a new project. Then later that same day, that client reached out to me via Skype and we even talk an hour long about his project. Here is what he suggested to me (keep in mind that I come from a third world country): —Search for a...
  5. W

    Upwork account verification

    I see lots of offers on upwork everywhere now and then but i am unable to apply for any simply because i wasn't verified to be a freelancer there... I feel my experience in data science will fade away if i don't freelance with my skill but i'm not just lucky with any of the freelancing platform...
  6. eventually-seo

    Best freelancing website and the latest

    Hi blackhaters, Couple of weeks ago, I read about a guy who is looking for the best freelancing sites. I am interested, one of the member enumerated those top freelancing websites like, peopleperhour. I am looking for that old thread, need freelancing website to sign up to, because of...
  7. sonyhp

    WHite Hat SEO for an E-commerce site.

    Let me know what can you do. It's a home decor niche and competitors are doing lots of $$$. Thanks
  8. Mamidu Moshood

    amazing affiliates

    Good evening all the gurus In BHW. Please I'm novice and don't knows anything about amazon nor DM, I want to ask, is it possible for me to hire someone to setup the account for me and if he does will I able to run it perfectly since I'm a new to the it, secondly how much will it cost me to...
  9. Mamidu Moshood


    I need someone who can help me to get more order to my fiverr gig., and how to rank my gig into the first page any suggestions or ideas will be welcome all the gurus in the building.
  10. Danny Crypto

    [Graphic Designer] Urgently required

    Hey guys please let me know if you're able to understand what output I want from your side. I want you to design a hq content based on the theme Speed and Focus, for idea I'm attaching a notepad file in which you can get content to design. I'll be requiring the Highest resolution and raw file...