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  1. Likri

    [ FREE ] Youtube Subscriber + Likes + Comments 100% Real

    If you send me one of your Youtube Video, i will View it, Like, Comment and Subscribe to the channel. I dont have lots to offer, but i will do this from 5 accounts and i am sure this will boost your youtube ranking a little bit. :) Giveaway is open for all members, don't need to be junior or...
  2. T

    Free YouTube subscribes

    Hi Bhw Once there was a successful YouTuber, his feelings increased every day that he became more successful, richer, along with his intellectual calm, financial independence, safety, good health and enjoyable social life, he was respected by everyone who knew him. Many wanted to deal with him...
  3. Sushant Pawar

    Free 2k+ Instagram Views

    Get free Views on any of your post. To get views post your link of video here
  4. leadingsmm

    Free 1k views Instagram.

    Hey guys, I published some general posts in the forum but I was like..I should offer something for free! In order to get 1k views Instagram for FREE! Please comment here And pm me with your full link of your video. Views are supposed to be delivered within hour.
  5. zawad_karim

    Giving Away 500 Free Real Facebook Fans and 1000 YT Views

    Hi there, This is Zawad from Zuk-Media. I have gained and learnt a lot from this community. No amount of thank yous would be enough to repay the amount of knowledge that I have gained from here and the number of times this community has helped me out. I usually conduct free giveaways but the...
  6. Avengerpanel

    Free 1000 Instagram Likes Or Views To Everyone !

    Hi Everyone , 1000 Free Instagram Likes Or Views To Everyone! :) Simply reply to this thread and pm me your Link Or post your link directly here So this giveaway is for everyone, does not matter the post count, your BHW status or anything ! *replying to the thread is necessary otherwise...
  7. JamesHere

    Free Unlimited YouTube Views

    Dear all members of BHW, At Retention Panel, we are giving away free 1000 fast and instant YouTube views. These views are non drop and come from worldwide countries. Since the YouTube updates, views from many different providers have been dropping constantly. These views we are giving away...
  8. smmtube

    [Giveaway] 40k+ YouTube views

    Giveaway for 40000+ total views This giveaway is available ONLY for first 8 members 5000+ views per member Instructions: - post on this thread - send me youtube link in PM - video must not be private - have at least 100 posts on forum
  9. Techncool

    [List] Best Youtube Traffic Exchange Websites

    hi friends here are some list of sites for Youtube stick views,Youtube Monetized views,TE for CPM used on Websites/Blogs,TE for PTP Traffic Exchange for Youtube Monetize views ,DailyMotion Monetize views YTMonster is also a Popular Site with great features Youtube * You can Get YouTube...
  10. sabbas

    FREE YouTube Views - Top Quality High Retention - 1 Million Views

    Hello Guys, Announcing 1 million free YouTube views in total for 500 Members. Each member will get up-to 2000 free high retention views with or without social media referrer. You can request your views types and it will deliver in 2 days. * Social Media Referrer * YouTube Suggested Video...
  11. SocialandTraffic

    FREE 500 Instagram Likes / Views

    Hello Guys, I'm doing social media marketing services and would like to provide it some for FREE here. PM me or Post link here to get 500 Instagram likes or 300 video views. If you can't PM, no worries. Just add me on Skype to get it. Have a nice day! My...
  12. Stansy

    [METHOD] Get 1,000+ YouTube views/day

    Hey everybody, this is my very first method thread on BHW. About 2 months ago I was deep in thought reflecting on my past IM failures. Instead of feeling bitter or put down I got extremely motivated to find new ways to go about things. Let me tell you, motivation and creativity are like two long...
  13. JamesHere

    Free 1000 YouTube Views Giveaway

    Hello, this is a giveaway for 1000 YouTube views. Requirement: - At least 20 posts. To get the free views, just leave a comment saying you want the giveaway and then PM me with your YouTube video url. This will be available until I close the thread. Have a nice day.
  14. D

    How to grow my views

    Hi, I'm a YouTube from Argentina, with 8.900 subscribers and 190.000 total views, but 400 views per video.. How can I grow them? I just can't..
  15. jimmylegs

    Happy Ho Ho Ho From JimmyLegs!

    Happy Holidays To The Black Hat World Community! (Spoiler Alert: Free Gift To 10 BHW Members I joined this thread in the summer but have been a looong time reader. I have gotten a lot of knowledge the past couple of years thanks to this site and its giving community. I had the inspiration to...
  16. pubudusoft

    [enhanceviews] How to get FREE 100K credits a day

    Hello, We all need youtube views for free. I found this great software called Sandboxie on another forum. It allows us to run multiple instants of enhanceviews bot. Sound good? Heres how... What you need A VPS or your own PC if you have unlimited resources. :) :>Cant afford a VPS?, get...
  17. laxmi_1102

    [Give away] Free real YouTube VIEWS

    I would like to offer 200+ YouTube VIEWS each for 10 people of this community Do not pm me.Just post here and contact me on skype: laxmi1102
  18. B

    [FREE] 5,000 Youtube high retention views 100% for 1st 20 members

    I will give 5,000 high retention views 100% for 1st 20 BHW members. PM me your links. :)
  19. M

    Free Youtube Views

    Just wanted to let everyone know about our view exchange software TubeExposure. It works like other view exchange software, but since the new youtube updates have made most of those other services not work very well, TubeExposure is a good alternative. We have updated our software so that it now...
  20. C

    Enhance Views - free views/subs/comments

    Searched and didn't find any topic about this software so I thought I'd share it. So basically its a software making you watch others people videos (that are using this) and you get credits for every video watched. For these credits you can buy views/subs/comments. It's possible to run this in...