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  1. N

    Looking for idea and feedback

    Hey, I have a domain name {wikibudget}. My desire is to use this name for a free tool website Let me know your thought, do you think having a free tool website is a great idea? How do I start?
  2. L

    I need Help in Rss Feed

    I want to find Free Rss Feeds for a keyword only from usa excluding google , alerts Can some one suggest me any best free tools for this Thank You
  3. Divisoria

    Websites you won't believe exist part 3

    Hi BHW communities, It's me again Divisoria, websites that you won't believe exist part 3 Ps: I'm not affiliated or any promotion with these sites in any way. = Get paid to share your images. = A smart tool that resizes any video dynamically. =...
  4. raqm1

    which tool give me linked domains like aherfs

    HI guys, after new aherfs price i need tool give me linked domains is there semrush support that? is there free tool get me this featuer?
  5. KJREDDY247@

    Freebie: KingSumo Pro + SendFox + ShortySMS + SleekBio + EmailBadge (Only If you are a Plus member)

    If you are a Plus member on Appsumo you grab all the above for FREE below are the direct links for sources: I am not saying they are great tools but If you are already a plus member already spend a couple of minutes to grab them for free Even if you don't need you can still grab them and make...
  6. mYm

    Looking for free keyword tools

    Nowadays which is the best free tool for keyword research. A few years ago the Keywords Everywhere To be used for free. if anyone knows about this kind of useful free tool please suggest me. Sorry For My Poor English :) :) :)
  7. vigyavan

    [FREE TOOL] Found a website to discover related hashtags with useful metrics to choose the right ones

    After noticing that all other available tools for generating hashtags give quite poor results, this free tool ( gives good results. Find the most relevant and best Instagram hashtags to gain likes and followers Simply enter a hashtag and it will give you hundreds of closely...
  8. crossline

    Free Submit Url Tools, share your links to 80+ sites

    i got this 3 free website for submit url, pretty good results so far
  9. crossline

    Free Backlinks Generator

    You will be able to build backlinks of your website, blog or any webpage
  10. crossline

    free extension for scraping your competitors pages that sucking like someone do the Bl** ***

    this tool totaly free, SEO META in 1 CLICK for expl i want to know what headers that this site using, all metas, images, links, that make this site rank 1 on keyword "pbn link"
  11. akash80575

    [WTK] Tool to get thousand of people added in my facebook group

    Hey guys, I am looking for a tool that can help me scrapping the details of members from another Facebook group and adding them to mine. Any idea about how can I do so?
  12. X

    [GIVEAWAY] Mass File Copy & Rename

    Hi BHW, another small giveaway - Mass File Copy & Rename: I created the tool to be able to mass change image file names to get rid of unnecessary prefixes and other parts before uploading them to one of my WordPress websites. The tool can be used in various scenarios, in my case I wanted to...
  13. crossline

    you can also check backlink quality for free on Ahrefs

    ahrefs is no longer free trial, but u still can acces a free tool from Ahrefs, you can get free backlink checker by Ahrefs here
  14. PaintedBlack

    Found a tool to create unlimited unique fake profile photos

    Hope I hit the right subforum for once... I just came across an article on social media detailing an online tool that uses AI to generate an unlimited number of high-resolution fake profile pictures of people that basically do not even exist. I used Google's 'search by image' on a number of...
  15. 6

    Tracking website on google at every searchable links

    Hello. Can you give me any information is it possible and if it's, how to check on what keywords my website is findable in Google? Something like i have site about SEO. I can track main keywords like seo tools, seo tutorials etc, but sometimes our articles from blog are searchable from another...
  16. Arpit41

    New to this group and need help

    Hey Folks - new to this group and need help with my project. I'm building a chatbot framework for marketers in the form of widget for website/blog. It uses AI to learn from responses and can engage visitors in a conversational way. There is a lot of debate around "dwell time" and its...
  17. dohc22

    FREE TOOL - [Facebook, Twitter, Google+] - The Best Social Marketing Tool - Markething.Me

    MODERATOR NOTE: Per the announcement I made on July 17, 2015, I am now closing this thread. After the OP has renewed his/her Jr. VIP membership, he/she may contact a moderator to re-open this thread. Thank You - "Wiz" Markething.Me - The Best Free Social Marketing Tool Available! Limited Time...
  18. dztimes

    [GET] Free Posting and Bookmarking Tool

    Hi guys, For promise with some nice guys, free posting and bookmarking tool already at here: Every post will be publish to your blog networks, auto collect permalinks to bookmark and generate Feed. Support: - Blog platform: blogger, wordpress (free or Self-Hosted), tumblr...
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