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    asadbeta137 Proxy list (#400) updated at Mon, 19 Feb 24 05:58:04 +0300 IP address:Port CountryCode-Anonymity(Noa/Anm/Hia)-SSL_support(S)-Google_passed(+) DE-H + NL-H - FR-H - DE-H - US-H -...
  2. ProxyLink


  3. MobileProxies

    Beta tester for our upcoming 4G and 5G mobile proxies BST

    Hey guys, I'm looking for beta tester of my upcoming 4G and 5G mobile proxies service. The proxies comes with unlimited daily bandwidth. Best fit for web scraping. Illegal use of the proxies is strictly prohibited. To request one. Just comment below with your use case.
  4. ViP

    ⎝ Free Rotating Proxies For Everybody ⚡ Reply To Get Them ❤️ Unlimited Bandwidth ☑️ Unlimited Threads ✅ ⎠

    Requirements: Registered for at least 1 month Add a honest and detailed review after receiving the proxies How to apply: Reply with your Telegram username Wait for my Telegram PM after you replied! It can take up to a few business days until you receive a PM from me if there is a huge number...
  5. Omega_69


    HOW TO GET 100K+ FREE PROXIES list. LOW PING [HTTPS/SOCKS4/SOCKS5 Here is a list of github links where you can easily get 100k+ proxies, they're scraped every 30minutes to 2 hours. You'll never be out of proxies ever again. Have fun :) +rep MIXED...
  6. ViP


    Requirements: 1. Registered on BHW for over a month 2. You don't have a similar service 3. You will write a review in our BST thread when it gets opened How to apply: 1. Do not PM me 2. Just reply with a reason why should I choose you 3. Best replies get free review copies 4. You will receive a...
  7. R

    Are Free Proxies Safe?

    I'm planning to use free proxies to create multiple accounts on Facebook and YouTube but I don't know if they're actually safe to use. I'm planning to webshare free proxies and I would be glad if someone can tell me whether they're safe or not
  8. seotrafficguy

    Best Websites for FREE Proxies

    Hey all, Found this great list, haven't checked it all, but wanted to share :) Enjoy and feel free to show some love. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6...
  9. BetterKnow

    [MEGA GIVEAWAY] — Every BHW member will get UNLIMITED residential/mobile proxies!! ❤️

    Hi everyone! I just realized we have around 140 TERABYTES of residential/mobile data that goes to waste every month in a mobile proxy farm we keep for testing. That's more than 140,000 Gigabytes of data wasted every month! And I figured, what's a better use of this data than to give it away to...
  10. T

    Use free proxies for spotify bot?

    What do you guys thing of free web proxy providers for example the ones inside a web browser etc - obviously it is to be assumed that paid proxies should probably be better and not get banned as much, but if you want to have multiple tabs open at the same time to for example stream songs on...
  11. BetterKnow

    [MEGA GIVEAWAY] - Every BHW member will get UNLIMITED real VIRGIN proxies ❤️

    I have about a million virgin proxies that I have no use for at the moment, and since I haven't done a giveaway in a while, what's a better thing to do than to give them away to my fellow BHW members? :) These are real virgin proxies made from real virgin IPV4 and IPV6 IPs. You cannot find...
  12. Hayden Russell

    Why do people post public proxies?

    So I have never understood why someone would post a list of free proxies that anyone can use. I assume that these are probably part of a botnet because most residential proxies are quite costly and not something that someone would give away for free. Even if they are part of a botnet, why would...
  13. busyangel

    Free SSL Proxies 3700+

    Latest and free 3,700+ SSL Proxies (Secure Socket Layer Proxies), URL passed and High Anonymity. Use in any platform you want.
  14. Almighty Pull

    [Method] Get 1,000 private proxies for free

    Hello fellow BHW IMers, I just got my hands on a website that provides 1,000 private proxies for free for each user. Link Below in comments. CATCH:- Total Bandwidth limit - 1 GB ONLY but still can be very useful if you utilize it properly ;) Eligibility:- Likes Count > 50 P.S. to Mods:- I...
  15. BetterKnow

    [MEGA GIVEAWAY] 1000 free VIRGIN v6 proxies

    Since unfortunately the last proxy giveaway I did was closed due to members making fake accounts to abuse it, we'll start again with a few more requirements. Each member gets 1 virgin IPV6 proxy made from a different /56 subnet which is very high quality. Proxies will work for 1 month and will...
  16. yellowcat

    Why do free public proxies even exist?

    Okay so there's a whole whack of free proxies online you can obtain through a bing search. Lots of these proxies actually do work for mainstream sites like google, instagram, facebook etc. So this begs the question why would anyone go through the effort? I know people can accidentally configure...
  17. dreadpixel

    [FREE] PROXIES DAILY! 80-90% fresh and valid!

    Hello everyone... I would like to contribute community with daily proxies. So if you have any request I can run my script and scrape fresh and valid on the instant. FRESH PROXIES ON THE GO! 3 2 1 Freshness might last for hours
  18. BlackHatter_SA

    1 Free Private Proxy

    Hi guys. Saw this on another forum and thought I should share it. You get 1 Private Proxy per account only and it lasts for 24hrs only. You can probably register more than once if you clear your cache etc to not leave a trace. Visit enter your...
  19. flashsites

    Proxy sources for Scrapebox

    Hey does anyone know where to find some solid sources for scrapebox proxy finder? The stock sources are obviously beyond used. I need some better free proxies stat! Any tips or clues are much appreciated :)
  20. Sower_Mania

    39k Proxy List (Fresh & HQ) | 01/01/18

    Hi Cracks Happy new year !! I share a list of proxys checked & filtered with elite proxy switcher & Proxyfire.
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