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    For One Time Payment Click Buy Now Button. Q: DOES YOUR COMPANY USE ARTICLE-SPINNING PROGRAM? A: No. Q: WHAT PAYMENT OPTIONS CAN YOU OFFER WITH YOUR FIRM? A: You Can Make Use Of All Major Credit Cards Along With Paypal Using Our User-Friendly And Secure Website. Once You Have Made The Deposit...
  2. devildoll

    [METHOD] Get Unlimited niche related expired articles - BULK SEARCHES

    I have found similar thread around BHW, similar but different from my method as i've customized it over time and according to my needs. That being said, I'm using this shady hat method for enough time to say it's a valid method to use to fill your PBNs and you will save weeks of works and...
  3. Ammar Johar

    Free 500 word articles in the next 25 hrs to 5 people

    Keeping it simple. I am testing a private AI system that my friend is working on. It generates SEO friendly articles. For 5 individuals, I would be more than happy to give away some 500 word articles for free. Just send in your top 5 keywords for the post you want written and I can send it to...
  4. GainTheImpossible

    Stop burning $$$ on buying content - Do this instead!

    Hello, are you sick of spending a LOT of $$ on buying content? Even more, the content hasn't been at your expectations? No problem! I have a pretty cool&nice method for the BHW members -> Some of you probably know a little of it or even use it. I've used this method whenever I felt too lazy to...
  5. Zwielicht

    Zwielicht's Marketplace Surplus Giveaway

    Over $2,216 In Products Given Away So Far Value Calculated Based On The Prices In The Sales Threads Before I begin, I would like to clarify that this is not a BHW-sponsored post or an official BHW giveaway. I'm hosting this freebies thread as a member of the forum to give away stuff I've...
  6. mylastvacation

    Journey to 100k selling scrapped articles from

    This will be a no-fluff straight to the point worth of technical kind of journey. No speculations, no second-guessing ourselves, no planning, just taking action, and following my motto: "It doesn't need to be perfect, it just needs to be done". For this journey, I have partnered with...
  7. mylastvacation

    [Method] How to leverage BHW + Facebook to get whatever you want for free

    Facebook users are not the brightest bulbs in the chandeliers so we're going to use that to our advantage while still providing some value and being able to sleep well at night Here's a simple yet effective way to add a couple of hundred laser-targeted emails to your email list in a few hours...
  8. IG Growth

    [FREE] Articles of 1000 WORD for BHW MEMBERS

    ¡Hello everyone! Today I come to offer you another opportunity to get to know my writer services. Previously I made a post for the members of the forum which has already ended. I thank everyone who participated and I hope that my articles have been up to their expectations or even better. I...
  9. googlebis

    Is there a way to find books that arn't listed on google?

    i was looking for some kindle books to buy and copy-past articles, but all books that i have looked up they can be found on booksDOTgoogle so i can't really copy-past because if i copy a paragraph from the middle of the book and google it, the paragraph will be shown in booksDOTgoogle, so what...
  10. Red_Rebel

    I will write one 500 word article for each.

    I am doing this to improve my writing. I will not write any erotica or sexual content. Please dont post anything here, You have to inbox me to get a free article.
  11. littlewebdragon

    ██ HIGH QUALITY ██ Money site / PBN /T1 articles ★ Only $1/piece ► FREE Review Copy For Everyone ★★★

    I'll keep this short & sweet in FAQ style as everything is pretty much self explanatory. :) ►What are you selling? 400-600+ word articles I'm selling pre-written articles that are 400+ words in length, some even up to 2000 words or so, but consider that their average word count is about...
  12. bleedsix

    [Free Articles] Join me in my "journey" to become better

    After the sudden realization that I practically have 0 skills that can be monetized online I came to the conclusion that I have to do something about this. Here we are. I'll try to write 1-2 articles 500+ words every day, until I think I'm good enough at this. The only thing I ask from you is...
  13. ContentlyWritingServices

    Giving away 10 500 word articles (first come first served)

    Trying my hand at content generation and thought I would start with review copies. Articles will be 500 words on any topic you want and can be broken up into smaller chunks (for reviews and such). Any niche, product or specialty entertained. 1 Article per person (Thanks, Topiano! Didn't catch...
  14. lemon

    [REVIEWERS] Free PREMIUM content from educated writers.

    Hello BHW members! I run a small company located in Montreal, Canada that produces web content for local businesses. It is with great enthusiasm that we have decided to expand our business by offering our services to members of the BHW community. It's clear to me that the content marketplace...
  15. SubhoC

    I'm offering free 500 word articles :) All spots filled.

    Hello , I just created a new article writing gig on fiverr . I'm trying to assess my strengths and weaknesses in different niches. So fellow BHW members , I'm offering you each a 500 word article for free provided you leave me a constructive criticism or at-least give me some insight on how much...
  16. S

    [Giveaway] 15 free articles to BHW folks

    Hi, As per the subject, I am willing to give away 15 free articles from my below content writing service: Please note: I dont need...
  17. D

    [Flash Giveaway] I Am Giving Away 40 Handwritten Unique Articles!

    Welcome Ladies and Gentleman to the 40 article giveaway! I'm here on behalf of my business partner, entire team, and of course myself to bring you one of the largest, if not the largest, content giveaways to ever be offered on BlackHatWorld. It's no secret that one of my first business...
  18. onair

    3 pre-written articles in you niche

    Hi, as I'm new to this forum, I thought it was time to make some friends :) From old projects I have thousands of original, never published short articles left over that I don't need myself. These are written by real people, no software of spinning used. I'm happy to give you 3 articles in...
  19. IamKing

    [Unlimited Giveaway]Im Back 10 x 500-600 Words Articles Pack Each Member-Use for Backlinks

  20. john franky

    [FREE + FREE]: 500 Word Article from John + Stupidly Easy Keyword By ARDLEY 216 -for ALL

    Hello Dark World, Here comes the Ever Ever Freebie in BHW. The Giveaway that you were dream about, expecting someday it will come true. 500 Word Ultra Quality Article from some of the World's Best Word Players Accompanied With ONE Stupidly Easy Keyword to rank and bank from BHW's Best...
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