fraud clicks

  1. P

    Adwords Click Fraud audit & service

    Need Adwords Click Fraud audit & service
  2. aafable

    Blog Ads Clicked on purpose, clicker gets a portion

    My sister told me that she clicks ads and she earns some money. She's in the Philippines. How "Black" is this? How can you get caught doing this and what can happen to you? Thanks guys!
  3. mystery

    This Is Starting To Piss Me Off!

    As if the trademark issue wasn't enough, now adwords is sending me traffic from countries/locations I haven't included in my geo-targeting! :bsflag: I came back to check my stats and what do you know... a few clicks from blocked countries! Yes, from adwords ads not other source... Luckily...
  4. mystery

    AdW*atcher & Track*ing202 - Implement Both?!

    Ok, I'm already using track*ing202 tracking service to track my adwords campaigns. I now want to use adw* to help me determine which of my clicks are fraud clicks, and therefore send the report to adwords to retrieve money spent on fraud clicks. The problem is that each of...
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