forum autoposter

  1. iVan Singh

    Need Professional for Forum Posting For particular Keywords

    We are Required a professional Here Who can setup our Campaign for Forum Auto posting. (example Is attached in the snapshot) Xrumer and other required tools would be provided as per your need Person should be experienced with Tools Your spent time would be highly paid* and seeking a Long Term...
  2. E

    Looking for aged health forum accounts

    Hello I am looking for aged health forum accounts to buy or to place posts one as one time fee. If you have please send me a pm.
  3. F

    forumbot 2.6!!!

    ok i just got forumbot 2.6 can anyone tell me how to use it properly??and is it any good?please
  4. A

    Forum posting software for xenforo forum

    is there any forum autoposter for xenforo forum other than xrumer
  5. HostStage


    Are the updates included in the one-time price? Yes, they are! Several updates are already planned and our developers are always enlighten to receive your suggestions, if any. What are the sources of content supported? Yahoo Answer and Quora are...
  6. bullseye123

    How to Populate a SMF Forum ?

    Hi All u Guru's, I need some Ideas or Help. How can I auto populate a forum for the first time ? Is there any tools that does actually work ? Preferably something that wont cost you an arm and a leg but will do a good job ? Thanks in advance all!!:)
  7. andreyg13

    Forum Bot - Auto-Captcha Forum Profile Bot

    Build UNLIMITED backlinks with the click of a button... Register, Confirm and Post your links with AUTOMATIC Captcha Solving! Version 2.6 Features: Automatic Captcha Solving...
  8. S

    Forum Post Robot Help

    I used forum generator and was happy to see it still works but it only works on phpbb forums :(. I need to be able to generate a forum on a vbulletin though. I found Forum Post Robot but I am having trouble getting it to work. Anyone ever use this? and also can you please help guide me through...
  9. D

    Tool to spam forum members with PMs or emails?

    Hello everyone. I am searching for a toll to help me send all members in a specific forum a PM or email. I prefer an email to be send. It seems Xrumer does it, but I want it for a few forums 10-12, so I dont see any reason to buy it. I want a simple tool, just to automate the process. It would...
  10. W

    Using Xrumer for a white hat site

    Hi guys, long time lurker, first time poster. I run a high traffic site (over 8 million pageviews per month) and I already have a few thousand backlinks. Been running it for over 5 years, everything is white hat and I want to keep it that way. I've been needing a way to post links in...
  11. Cindy

    What is used to do this?

    Hi, I recently found a guy posting links to his "about me" or "profile" page on several forums. All of which then pointed a link with his keywords to his main site. What is used to set up profiles for links, Xrumer? Or something else? Thank you!
  12. O

    Backlink pro advise!?!?

    hey bhat fam. i really need your help with this 1 before i go insane I have a website basically selling shoes, and i have just figured out that no matter how much i advertise and do backlink building why i cant get to the 1st page for the following keyword "cheap jo*rdans" (for example)...
  13. O

    I need a forum autoposter (I provide the forum list and valid usernames)

    Hi there, guys, I *suppose* that what I need already exists, without certitude, I'm new here. To say it simply : - I have a list of many forums and subforums, with valid usernames and passwords. The forums are of various types (phpbb, small machines, old or recent, etcetera). - I need a...
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