I need a forum autoposter (I provide the forum list and valid usernames)


Sep 27, 2008
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Hi there, guys,

I *suppose* that what I need already exists, without certitude, I'm new here.

To say it simply :

- I have a list of many forums and subforums, with valid usernames and passwords. The forums are of various types (phpbb, small machines, old or recent, etcetera).
- I need a program that will post the bbcode of my choice in there, in the subforum of my choice (I can give the URL), either each time in a new post, either replying to the previous post, in a single thread
- a bonus would be avoiding posting in a forum where a reply has been posted to the previous post, the program would give me the link, I'd go take a look, and make myself a real reply (with my bbcode manually added afterwards). This way, I'm not caught as botting.

Assuming that is possible,

Do you know a program capable of doing it for me ?

Or if I must hire a dev to write it for me, in your opinion, what would be the cost ?

Thanks a lot if you can help :)

you need x rummer but its not cheap tobuy and if you crac it let everyone else know too
I'm certain Xrumer isn't the only program for that. Or, look at the price, I'm certain the price a dev would take to write something able to do it wouldn't afford as high as the 520$ of Xrumer, don't you think ?
Really ? I don't have the impress that's the same use...

- Xrumer : posts on millions of boards from a pre-made list, choses a proxy, is capable of creating accounts even when there is a captcha

- what I need : a program that makes less than 100 forum posts. I provide the list of the subforums, I provide working login-passwords.

I sincerely hope I can find a solution that would cost me less than 520 bucks 4 times per year. Or that someone can code it for me.
you need x rummer but its not cheap tobuy and if you crac it let everyone else know too

isn't x rummer on the do not share list? I bet people have cracked it, just that they can't share it here
To be frank, I've seen discussions elsewhere about older versions of xrumer being available with a crack, but you see, I'm not that interested.

My purpose isn't to flood the whole internet with a complicated tool, just to post on a list of a hundred boards that I know of.

If you wonder why I need that tool...

My biz is sharing adult stuff for free, using hosts that pay me on the number of downloads, if my links appear on a million forums, I'll be kicked by the websites hosting my files, they'll shout "spam" with reason and refuse to pay.
I'm already posting on around 30 boards once of twice per month, with good returns in terms of traffic and people ending up bookmarking my main website.
I need a tool to automatize posting, so that I can instead share two or three times per week, on a bigger number of boards. And that's all there is to do.

Maybe I should start a "developer hire" announce :-/

Do you guys think that, if I offer like 50-60$ per hour, a dev can cook me an autoposter in a few hours, capable of posting on various forum types ?
How about this one:


Its $140.
Nice link, Megabump, thanks for it :)

It looked fine until I saw, in the FAQ of forumposter, that the program posts his shiet in a randomly chosen thread already existing, instead of creating a fresh new thread, unfortunately :-/

Apart from that, it was exactly what I needed, too bad !
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