forex trading

  1. C

    Best forex trading strategy

    Hey, after 2 months my funded broker account is down to $196K. I trade Eurusd etc Don’t want to give up so I am searching for the safest forex trading strategy with the around 5-10% profit per month. Any idea where to find this? I need the following information -Entry criteria -Exit...
  2. Mr.Chicken

    Does anyone here knows the answer to this 1 question?

    Hey guys, Happy new year yall, I am actually looking for a forex trading bot that can bet on lows, stop betting on highs and sell when in profit automatically.. does anyone here knows any good bot that I can use? Have you used any yourself? Are they profitable?
  3. RSO

    Forex Trading, where to start?

    Greetings. The meaning behind the question is the following: I have some basic knowledge of what's forex about and I know that it could potentially take up to five years since this moment till I actually make a positive progress when it comes to income, understandable. As somebody who's a...
  4. Jim433

    Making money in forex trading

    Hello, I would like to know if anyone here is making good $$$ trading forex. There are a lot of people that just want you to buy their program but i want to get started without buying anything. Is it possible to do? I can invest up-to 500$ I don't plan on buying lambos or anything, making...
  5. I

    Starting Forex Trading!!

    Hello guys! Hope everyone is doing great. I'd like to learn more and more about Forex trading. I'd like to start my first journey on 2020. So, I would appreciate any books related to forex trading. Thank you <3
  6. H

    Need Forex targeted solo ads

    Is there someone who is selling Forex / investment targeted solo ads? I am interested in that and would like to know more about what you can provide.
  7. B

    Which is the best site and which is the best software?

    Hello Everyone, Which is the best forex trading site and which is the best software to start forex trading? Tell me any good site that provides a demo account so I can check how much can I benefit from this before actually putting my money in? With how much amount should a beginner start...
  8. B

    Any good and trusted forex trading sources?

    Hello Everyone, I want to earn from forex trading and if that is possible with bitcoins. Is there any initial investment needed? Please suggest some good sources where I can do forex trading with crypto or other options where some expert does trading for me. How much profit can I earn? What is...
  9. kribis

    trading forex

    hello BHW im new on forex trading iwant to do my first step its to learn trading forex so guys pleas recommend me best courses and the best youtube chanel that i can learn from and ebooks comment with your best courses+youtube +ebooks to learn from thankss
  10. hpasha


  11. purewealthinc

    FOREX TRADING: Frontline Forex DVD, Anyone have this course?

    Hi moderator or admin, please delete or transfer my thread if I posted this in the wrong thread channel. Fellow BHW, I've been away here in BHW for almost 4 years and now here i am, I think my last login here was 4 years ago. The reason because I was involved into Financial Trading life, which...
  12. F

    10 important trading tips for beginner & any traders before entering Fx Market.

    As a beginning Forex trader, you can easily get lost, confused or overwhelmed with all the information you are bombarded with on the Internet about trading. The best thing to do is to just take it slow, learn how to trade properly from an experienced professional and don’t rush it. The...
  13. 5

    5Stars Forex Limited

  14. 5

    5Stars Forex: Affiliates program

  15. E

    Promote a Forex Product that people will thank you for ;)

    So many Forex scams online it drives me crazy, and people promote them like mad. I know everyone wants to make money but there must be a moral line somewhere. What happened to wanting to help your fellow man instead of sending him off to lose his money? If you have targeted Forex traffic and...
  16. O

    New to BHF from Washington DC!

    Hello, BHW. My name is Matt, and I am new to your wonderful site. I am a professional ghostwriter by trade who was a professional engineer in my previous life. Currently I am interested in learning about Forex Trading, which is why I landed here on BHW. I am looking for the best method of...
  17. A

    RBI acts tough on offshore FX trading on the Internet

    I have read the news in many sites. Is it true that RBI will take action against the trader who uses CC or online banking for trading in forex's site in India? Anyone knows the real story behind this? Is there anyway to continue forex trading in India? Many of indian forex trader uses their...
  18. Tunenchi

    Any one making money from easy-forex?

    Hello, just signed up, had a call from the easy-forex consultant and links to tutorial videos and more. I was wondering on if anyone knows of their service and how reliable they are. Thanks in advance...
  19. H

    Can i join CPA network???

    Hi guys i'm new here because i think i will got my answer in this forum i was forex trader but liberty reserve stop my daily income and ruin me because i have lost all that was present in liberty reserve.Now i want to manage fund again for forex trading and for this purpose i decided to do work...
  20. A

    where i sell unique articles

    Hi, Buddies, i got an problem, I have written more then 100 unique and copyright free articles about Forex Trading and Diet, but i don't know how to sell these... please tell me if you know about the any instant way of selling my articles.... thanks. for reviewing my articles you can visit one...
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