forex system

  1. F

    Forex Trading Platform

    Hi Guys, Can you recommend me the best trading platform? I want to try it out with lower amount, so which one is best trading platform with low deposit. I have chosen some option, Guys let me know your idea. 1. eToro 2. Oanda 3. 4. FXCM I would like to hear about each of them if...
  2. O

    New to BHF from Washington DC!

    Hello, BHW. My name is Matt, and I am new to your wonderful site. I am a professional ghostwriter by trade who was a professional engineer in my previous life. Currently I am interested in learning about Forex Trading, which is why I landed here on BHW. I am looking for the best method of...
  3. A

    RBI acts tough on offshore FX trading on the Internet

    I have read the news in many sites. Is it true that RBI will take action against the trader who uses CC or online banking for trading in forex's site in India? Anyone knows the real story behind this? Is there anyway to continue forex trading in India? Many of indian forex trader uses their...
  4. Tunenchi

    Any one making money from easy-forex?

    Hello, just signed up, had a call from the easy-forex consultant and links to tutorial videos and more. I was wondering on if anyone knows of their service and how reliable they are. Thanks in advance...
  5. blackhatbeavis

    Forex Leads

    My client is an FX brokerage and wants to buy leads. Any legit suppliers on here to help?
  6. gangsta1

    NEW Forex Product "2% Daily" JV Invite, 30% + Cash Bonuses, Promote Now!

    Hello, Just to let you know that I have added my Forex trading system "2% Daily" to ClickBank and it has been accepted. Be amongst the first to promote it and make $50 per sell! One affiliate made over $1,000 last weekend from a small email campaign. I have setup a detailed JV page over at...
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