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  1. alphamaterx

    A Genuine Expert with Proven Trackrecord for FB/Meta/IG/TikTok ads

    Good day blackhaters, I'm posting this looking for a genuine expert that can run ads for a FX-related campaign across Meta-platform and TikTok. I mean this with no disrespect, but please do not reach out if you: a) are not on this website for minimum of 4 years. b) if you do not have concrete...
  2. Jacopo51

    (HIRING) Lead generation in FOREX niche

    Good evening to all the guys on the forum, I hope you are well and that your business is going great. I have been involved in forex trading for many years, I created significant profits thanks to my capital which grew day after day. The journey has been challenging and enjoyable at the same...
  3. L1ckMyDorr1to

    Forex / Crypto Smartlink provider with Landing page

    Hi all :) as the title suggests, I'm looking for Forex / Crypto Smartlink provider with Landing page available. Does anyone know anyone who can provide something like this?
  4. alphamaterx

    FX Budget Campaign

    I would like to ask for your answers and opinions on the following: 1. For a FX-brand, would a initial budget of $1000 a month be sufficient to run a lead-gen ad-campaign? 2. What type of results would this budget bring (lead gen estimate volume)? Let me know what you think please. Thanks!
  5. S

    Crypto/Forex vertical

    How to start running crypto/forex traffic from Google?
  6. airwolf234

    Quick hello to all BHW members

    Hi everyone, It's a pleasure to be here. I'm a long time reader and follower of BHW (probably like most newbies) but this is my first post. I've stayed in the background for many years just reading posts and learning what others do to navigate this business we call 'marketing'. I have to say...
  7. Q

    Can you recommend a good FX conference for affiliates to meet brands?

    I have FX and Crypto 'make money' traffic and am looking for good and reputable conferences to meet brands and make deals with them. I would appreciate any recommendation from personal experience for the near future. Thanks!
  8. Q

    Best native platform for Forex/cfd marketing?

    Hi all, What's the best native platform for Forex trading? mainly UK, and GCC I'm using PropellerAds right now and not getting good traffic unfortunately
  9. RonyKing247

    Anyone Working With Forex leads?

    I'd like to ask, is anyone working with Forex leads in this Forum? I'd like to know. Or rather is there anyone running a Forex leads call center or call center campaign?
  10. A

    [FOREX]My way to make big bucks with MLM and how BHW members can have more than x100 my results

    Hi, BHW members, today is my first topic in order to bring value. I'm not an expert into IM, but I've been reading here for a while, trying a few stuff but never keep doing it. Disclaimer : this post will be long, so take a seat, and read carefully to understand it. Be regardless to my writing...
  11. james13

    Looking for live traffic for Crypto currency!

    If interested comment below. We pay high rates!
  12. james13

    Looking for live traffic for Crypto currency!

    Interested in live traffic for crypto currency. We work on CPA basis only. iF Interested comment below
  13. just2016

    Forex & Bitcoin Leads Partnership Program Let’s Face It: If you do not have a unique service, you’re going to have a hard time selling. This is why, for affiliate marketers, the opportunity to promote and push a brand new and exciting service is absolute gold! Why Promote Forex-Affiliates? *Free and...
  14. myapps43

    SPECTRE the world's first broker-less financial trading platform has opened up its affiliate portal

    SPECTRE the world's first broker-less financial trading platform has opened up its affiliate portal. SPECTRE, short for speculative tokenised trading exchange, is a dramatically different approach to the classic, fraud-ridden financial trading model where brokers regularly tamper with platforms...
  15. Mekanicus

    Looking for leads. Databases. Fresh, cold.

    Ok so here goes nothing: I am in the forex industry. I need leads for my call center. Name, number, email, country. I offer CPA on this. Transparent tracking, from lead entering CRM to deposit, redeposits. I have no idea if I posted this in the right spot or not, let me know :) Cheers !
  16. Alex Fx/Bo

    How to start Forex affiliate ????

    Hey guys ! I'm new here,and i wanted to start working as an affiliate I prefer FOREX niche . What should i do to start ? someone please help thanks !
  17. kikmebiz

    Forex Signals Affiliate Programme Question

    I currently run a successful Forex signal service since June 2017 with just over 50 paying members. All these clients are the result of my own marketing in the top 4 social networks. My clients love the service that I provide them as it differs from the mayority of Forex signal providers, I...
  18. theabcofxyz

    Looking for Italy GEO Forex leads and/or traffic

    Hi guys, hope all is good. I had some decent connections thru past threads on this topic and am looking for new/more providers, if there are any. GEO: Italy Industry: Forex (no binary options this time around) Leads and/or traffic Can work CPL or CPA Let me know if you have what I need, thanks.
  19. BLiNI

    Looking for European Forex Leads

    Hello. As you can read in the title I am looking for a partner that can bring in forex leads. I'm willing to buy the leads or do any partnership with you if your leads are hight quality and will convert.
  20. H

    Want to advertise my Forex/Binary platform

    Hello, I have a forex/binary trading platform and want to advertise it to forex/binary blogs - websites - facebook - trading signal sites ... etc. Anyone with experience or who can do this? You'll get more information after you apply/show interest. Thanks
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