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  1. Forbes Full feature.jpg

    Forbes Full feature.jpg

    Delivered Forbes Full Feature to this client.
  2. fizzapong

    Does BHW have secured transactions?

    I have read the newbie training document. But I can't find the board for secured transactions. I recently tried to buy a guest post from Forbes. This service is worth $600. I posted one before, and I plan to do it via paypal. Because PayPal has a buyer protection program. Does anyone have any...
  3. felicialici

    Create backlink on news website

    if you can make a backlink on a news website (forbes, nytime, bbc, and others) , please contact me:anyway::anyway::anyway:
  4. thebussinessbruh

    Forbes PR and Instagram/Twitter Blue Ticks.

    Hi, Looking for someone legit to get some articles up in websites like Forbes and Entrepreneur, they should be posted through a contributor and shouldn't come across as "Paid Promotions" or "Advertorials". Also require someone to get blue ticks for a bunch of Personal and Business profiles on...
  5. GNews

    Guest Post Scams & Tricks | Beware of Offers on Sites Too Good To Be True | Warning To Those Lookign For Forbes, CNN, USMagazine, ETC Posts

    First off. Can all BHW users reply with stories of how many times / how you were scammed by someone claiming to get you on a major website like CNN, Fobs, USMagazine, etc? It's been such a common sham in the last few years. The format usually goes like this from Guest Post Scammers: 1)...
  6. A

    I'm looking for juicy links from Forbes, Entrepreneur, Wired,mostly Forbes ideas on where to look?

    Hi guys, I am working for a celebrity tattoo artist based in Rome, LA, and NYC that worked with multiple celebrities (Demi Lovato - The Chainsmokers) and he's one of the top artists in his industry. I am looking for a way to get a post out of Forbes possibly, anyone does this? Does anyone know...
  7. S

    Looking for someone who can publish my article on Forbes

    Looking for someone who can publish my article on Forbes or other sites of equal caliber (preferably full page feature). Need about 2 weeks of turnaround time. Do not care if there is a link. Please DM me your prices and samples please, prefer experienced seller. Cheers!
  8. Now0rNever

    WANTED: Forbes Guest Post

    Looking for someone who can publish my article on Forbes or other sites of equal caliber (preferably full page feature). Please DM me your prices and samples. Cheers!
  9. A

    Need someone that can guarantee publication in top USA media (no prnewsire) for a client

    Hi, I am looking for someone that can be able to guarantee publication on the following media: Forbes WSJ Huffington Post New York Times Entrepreneur Business Insider Vogue Elle Please pm me prices and other details (like timing etc.)? If you are not able to reach all of those media but just...
  10. digitalgeckos


    Hi, I'm Eddie known around as Meddie. I am an SEO enthusiast ever since I was a teenager. Now I am almost 30, and I am still hungry to learn more. I started my journey back in 2012 and joined BHW in 2015. I tried plenty of methods during the golden age of SEO, and I still learn daily. Now, I...
  11. Ruffaro

    Want to hire someone to get my byline into publications?

    I am a journalist looking to expand my byline and write for more publications, particularly in the entertainment industry. I'm looking for an outreach who knows how to outreach and get results. PM me
  12. A

    I Need a Guest Post w/ Link

    I Need a Guest Post w/ Link I need a guest post done on Not a 301 redirect, an actual post from a contributor on the site. Thank you! Requirements You need to be able to post on with a good quality article. Pm me wit the prices
  13. A Jason

    Need an article written in a decent sized publisher/magazine

    Hi guys, I'm looking for someone who can publish an article/post on a decent sized publisher, magazine, authority website. The post will be about IT/Computer industry, in particular the telecom industry. It can also be a guest post. I will only need 1 article approx. 500 or so words to be...
  14. P

    Need Someone To Get Me A Link On Forbes

    Topic would be about barndominiums We can talk more via pm regarding pricing and such.
  15. S

    Need Guest post on Forbes Magazine

    Have you done on Forbes before? NEED posted my article on dining and drinking category. Please send me a sample post :)
  16. D

    Forbes Article

    Hi! I'd like to publish an article with a backlink on Forbes or similar website. Please PM me with prices.
  17. Mr.Gunner

    Editorial Publications on ❖ Yahoo ❖ Goodmenproject ❖ Nationofchange ★ Through Manual Outreach ★

  18. dennyfar

    Forbes posts!

    Hi, anybody can post on please PM # Do-follow or nofollow? # Please give low price? thank's!
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