font web safe

  1. Prem1510

    Font usage

    Can i used paid fonts in my logo (image) for free in commercial purpose..?? I am newbie ..sry for poor english Thank you bhw
  2. Kinky123

    Font That does Not Change Its Formatting

    I found few words in Google SERP I copied these words from Google and paste on Notepad. These words do not change its formatting even in SearchBar or Notepad++. Help me to identify the font or anything fizzy behind this font.
  3. R

    FontNirvana - FREE Font Credit Worth $47 - Over 120,000 fonts to choose from!!

    When searching for fonts online I always found all the websites out there very irritating and boring. You have to go through 1000's of pages to find the right font and even if you end up finding a font you like it takes oodles of your time trying out each font since you need to download and...
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