1. elPimps

    FollowLiker + private WiFi VS Jarvee + 4g private

    Hello all i want to setup a bot just for 1-account use (so no mother - child ecc...) I would like to know if you think that those two different setups are the same regarding security and medium-long term usage I can use: FollowLike + my private WiFi (i use this wifi also to manage other...
  2. Lennard Quince

    Amazon VPS - Good for Followliker?

    Hi, Is the Amazon free VPS good to run followliker? Can the AWS slow down the FL actions? Thanks in advance
  3. W

    Followliker was giving 50+ a day and now 5 per day :(( HELP!!!!

    I was getting 50+ followers each day, with followliker, but suddenly one day i got 5 followers, and same is happening today :( I checked the statistics and im still following the same ammount of people(around 900) each day, so i dont think instagram is blocking me following. Could it be they...
  4. W

    Some days i get +45-60 follwers in 1 day, and one day i got 4 followers xD

    Some days i get +45-60 follwers in 1 day, and one day i got 4 followers xD Can I see which accounts that i should remove that do not benefit my account?
  5. B

    FOLLOWLIKER , TWITTER UPLOADER content provided. Teamviewer and email needed.

    Please inbox with rough prices. Everything needed will be provided apart from teamviewer and an email. the main aim is to advertise a youtube channel Betty homebaker. WHAT YOU WILL NEED SKILLS AND SOFTWARE- 1. TEAM VIEWER THIS WILL ALLOW ACCESS FOR FOLLOWLIKER ACCOUNT. 2. BE ABLE TO...
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