follow sources

  1. bigj

    Looking For Someone Good At Finding Follow Sources for Instagram [ADVANCED]

    I need someone that is good at researching follow sources that I will use for IG automation. Follow Sources must be able to get at least .15 FBR. Please PM me.
  2. csat

    What is your adult niche follow back rate?

    HI, My niche is adult.I grow my Twitter accounts use Follow/Unfollw and tweet.Follow sources are followers of the big audlt accounts.But the follow back rate is only 5%. What is your adult niche follow back rate? And any tips or advising? Thanks!
  3. Gwizzy

    How to Keep Child Accounts from Following the Same Users?

    Hello, I am using currently using Jarvee to run child accounts and I want my accounts to share the same pool of follow sources. I've searched and seen the suggestion to use the "split items with different accounts" option in the follow sources menu but will this keep my child accounts from...