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  1. A

    Benchmarking IM Bot Results

    Hello fellow BWHmembers, I've recently joined after glancing for a while at the forum and wanted to benchmark my custom IM botting with everyone to benchmark if I'm on the right track. Sorry for the long post but since we're benchmarking, I feel it's important to share the whats, how and why...
  2. F

    How to avoiding following the same people twice?

    I follow/unfollow people manually, and I follow followers of a big account in the same niche as mine. But from what I noticed, the followers and followings list are not sorted by date anymore! So how do I avoid following the same people twice if the followers in the list is just random? Hope...
  3. I

    Twitter Accounts Lists

    I saw a thread around here a while ago that had a list of Twitter usernames and passwords in the following format: username : password I can't seem to find the thread anywhere now. Could someone pm/send me a link to a list of twitter accounts and passwords in the format above? would be greatly...
  4. Owlpic

    Twitter tool: follow from list in text/csv file

    Hi friends, Want to know if there is any free/paid tool (free will be good) that will help to follow twitter users from text/csv file list? Will be great help since I have compiled a good list of auto-follow users :) Just reply in thread if you need them (Will upload it)
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