flip blogs

  1. Kintoups

    Find Websites/Blogs that haven't been updated in a while

    I'm trying to find some websites that haven't been updated in a while in certain niches and I was wondering if anybody had any ideas or thoughts. So far, the only thing I can think about is to search for the footprint: Copyright 2000, Copyright 2001, and so on until 2020. Obviously, it's not a...
  2. AlbertoMR3

    [HOW TO | JORNEY] From Domain Selection To Sell Your Website For Up To 15X its Affiliate | Ads Revenue !

    Quick background: I’ve been online professionally since 1994, and have had websites even before Google exits. So basically I have been doing SEO since to repeat 1000 times a keyword on white font, over a white background was enough to rank first ;) until today where I'm on the SEO by AI SaaS...
  3. Makemeproguys

    Million's doing site flipping?

    Hey guys just wondering I seen tons of people here flipping 2-4 website per month for living,HOW???? Like how you build and sale a website under a month? I don't think it's possible to make big $ with a site only few days old,what's the catch? The secret and how I can flip 2-3 websites per Month...
  4. M

    freshcheque.com - what to do with it?

    total noob here, so I would really appreciate some advice! I bought the domain some time ago coz I wanted to start a local freelance job board, but I never got around to it. I'm wondering if I can let go of it and make a little money in the process. should I try and sell the domain straight up...
  5. ddf1980

    How do you transfer a blogger blog to a buyer?

    That's pretty much the question. My brother wants to flip blogs and loves blogger over wordpress (don't ask)..lol I don't know how so I figured I'd ask you guys. Thanks.