1. Y

    SMM Panels that offer Flickr & 500px services?

    Haven't been able to find panels that have services for Flickr and 500px. Does anybody here know any panels that have such services? Thanks in advance
  2. sageshark

    [Need Advice] Which is the Best Storage Service to Store Your Personal Photographs and Videos?

    Hi Friends, this question is really haunting me for the past few months and I am really seeking serious solution for this. I want to know which is the best, safe and secure online storage service to store the personal files like family photographs and videos? I know there are many options...
  3. Y

    SMM Panels that offer services for Flickr & 500px?

    Haven't been able to find panels that have services for Flickr and 500px. Does anybody here know any panels that have such services? Thanks in advance
  4. dukefx

    [Method] The "Marco" Growth hack - make money from image licensing

    In this video, I break down how Marco Verch is making $$$ from automated image generation & flickr. For each violation, you may have to pay up to $1,000. Thousands of people have gotten legal letters. Do you want to know how to repeat this method for profit, or how to protect yourself from it...
  5. D

    Need FREE flickr Imacros script

    Need FREE flickr Imacros script that will help me gain followers or views or favs It must be free
  6. M

    Looking for someone who can boost social media platform counter like views, likes etc.

    Looking for someone who can boost social media platform counter like views, likes etc. PM me your skype and will cht Listed below are the services I needed: FACEBOOK SHARES FACEBOOK FRIENDS/SUBSCRIBES FACEBOOK 5 STARS RATINGS YOUTUBE COMMENTS YOUTUBE SUBSCRIBERS YOUTUBE FAVORITES YOUTUBE...
  7. Linuxshell

    Tumblr+ creative commons

    Hi. i created a blog on tumblr, and started to share pictures with creative commons from flickr on my tumblr blog. which i will monetize with adsense . is this method safe for my account adsense ? Thank you
  8. S

    Flickr help

    Hi I would like to add ALT tag to my pictures in Flickr, can please tell me how to add a ALT tag to my pictures in Flickr. Thank you in advance.
  9. N

    BlackHat Imacro Scripts for Pinterest and Flickr!? :)

    I've been searching the forum here at BlackHatWorld for a script that can auto-comment/favorite/like and comment for both of these major imaging social networks. I've got Tumblr, Twitter, and Instagram covered so far but I'm having difficulty locating some effective Imacros for these other two...
  10. Black Seagull

    Photobucket Pro vs Flickr Pro

    Hey everyone. I'm planning to use paid version of photo storage services. Any suggestions on which is better? Pros and cons? May be SmugMug or Snapfish? I use Windows desktop computer, Android smartphone and iPad and have about 90 GB of photos. Thank you.
  11. Riders On The Storm

    Can we put images from Flickr or other image hosting sites as featured image in wordpress?

    I am trying all sorts of tricks to implement it. I hope someone from bhw can help me in setting it up. And, can anyone tell me is there any plugin which can do it. I?ve searched all over but haven?t found any solution yet. -Thanks
  12. O

    Flickr Views

    would like allot of them, can any help?
  13. H

    Flickr User Scraper

    Does anybody knows a method to scrape Flickr user? I'm not interested in the photos but for example Contact details etc. Maybe a hidden xml sitemap API command would be very useful. thanks
  14. P

    Does Anyone Know a Flickr Stats Reader Online??

    Hey, I am trying to find out a flickr stats add on or reader online to do audits with- does anyone have a good one? I hate having to count views manually :p thanks!
  15. peterbruce

    Flickr Comments?

    Is it a good idea to search for relevant images on Flickr and then leave comments with your money site link? For example search for facebook and leave comments on 100+ images saying "At we specialize in the best social media promotional services. From Twitter to...
  16. E

    Embedding analytics or ads in popup gallery pictures

    If you are serving your own images in a gallery through a program such as NextGEN, Zenphoto, or Coppermine, is it possible to embed analytics code in each picture that pops up to boost your traffic? All of these programs let you see the detail of the picture, but the static page with the...
  17. S

    Anyone have a list of about 3,000 flickr IDs?

    Anyone have a list of about 3,000 flickr IDs? I need to test a fetching application
  18. M

    Automatic upload of images to Flickr / Picasa for traffic

    Hi, Have been thinking about this for a while, is there a way to automatically upload images from your WP wordpress media library to get traffic on Flickr or Picasa? We all know picture sites are good to gain traffic. I was even thinking about outsourcing this task to a virtual assistant to...
  19. maxine

    Flickr Comment Bot

    I am trying out this Flickr Comment Bot But it's not gathering IDs. Anyone else have the same problem?
  20. F

    Any Flickr Friend Adder Bot?

    Hello guys, dunno if it's the right place to post it but I need an Flickr Friend Adder Bot.. does anyone know something like that? Thanks.
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