1. Heiko

    Will the same files on a different domain cause a phishing warning from Google as well?

    Hey, Got a quick question. (Note: I do not perform phishing but only host Landing pages with a content locker on it. On none of my pages there is a way for a user to type in a password) So lets say Website A has been flagged by Google for Phishing (The Red Warning Page), even tho it wasn't...
  2. Narcif

    Ebay - account flagged down ?

    I posted around 4-5 items 2 weeks ago with good keywords but the listings are simply not getting views at all. Any idea? Its really frustrating because I put so much work into the listings and they're simply not getting views. Is it any worth advertising ? Thanks
  3. stonedpepe420

    (Question) How do you regain trust from IG if your account is flagged?

    Is there anyway to get my account "unflagged"? Perhaps I have to increase my trust score? If so how do you guys go about doing this?
  4. K

    Would it be safe to use NordVPN Dedicated IP for one set of social accounts with Jarvee?

    My idea is to use a dedicated IP from NORDVPN for one set of social accounts. Instagram Facebook Pinterest etc This is for my personal account which I am using a BlazinSEO private proxy from "my city", but I am having issues getting flagged because I am using the profiles on my phone also...
  5. ClickNinja

    Youtube Videos Penalized - Anything I can do?

    Hey guys, I'm not new to Youtube (as I have several affiliate YT channels over the years), nor BHW (I used to have an account here years ago that I can't access anymore). Here's the issue: I recently made a new channel and new video which right after posting (can't remember if it was same day...
  6. Kaiserdrevas

    What are the tell tale signs of being flagged?

    So I've read a few times at BHW that using the follow/unfollow method gets you flagged by IG. It seems that when you are flagged, your post wont go viral, limited in reach and very little engagement. So I've some used some of the Follow/Unfollow method and I'm worried that my account is...
  7. K

    Impact of temp bans on future actions

    Today I've received my first temp ban for liking on my personal account. It happened while setting up my proxy for the first time and accidentally logging in with the amazon AWS ip-address, instead of my newly bought proxy. My like-function got instantly blocked and now I'm worrying a little bit...
  8. shenZi

    Got a penalty and g00gle dont want to remove? Any help?

    Hi guys, i had a website with auto-generated-content of amazon. After i got a manual action penalty of google. I deleted all sites with no content and filled the rest with self-written content and submited it to review again. But they have refused. Than i deleted the comparison table which was...
  9. W

    JARVEE - Tried 7 different proxy suppliers and go all accounts flagged

    I used FL for more than 2 years until all my Instagram accounts got flagged... so I did the migration to Jarvee and it worked wonderfully for 30 days... after that had about 60 accounts flagged, for Follow and Like only.. Jarvee support keep saying they can't inform which proxy supplier works...
  10. cleanhead

    Facebook ads + Paypal activated by vcc

    Hey guys, i'm wondering if anyone had ever linked a Paypal account that has been activated by a virtual Card to Facebook ad account and it worked properly without any problems or getting flagged! And if possible i wanna know if it's a good idea, if an ad account on a business account on...
  11. R

    Creating and growing a new IG account on same phone?

    Hi guus, I was wondering, I think my personal account either got flagged or at least there is something going on. The past few months it has been very hard for me to get the same amount of engagement I got back when I my account was a lot smaller. After reading some of the threads, I assume it...
  12. B

    why is YouTube not removing some of the porn videos?

    Why is YouTube not removing some porn videos?every time I try to upload such video my account gets terminated and the video is taken down,then why isn't YouTube taking down such videos? Is there any trick you know to not get flagged even after upload an adult content? Thanks in advanced!
  13. B

    Does getting youtube partnership allow you to remove flag button from your youtube videos?

    I have read on a website that "if i add my videos to a show then **Yes**"Show is a feature limited only to YouTube Partners and can be used to prevent YouTube viewers from flagging your videos. Is this information true?
  14. hertn

    Device and IP flagged. How to continue using IG with new acc w/o getting ghosted?

    So I have made some new accs on my phone from my own IP and from school IP. Home IP is blocked and my new acc got ghosted immediately. The acc I created in school got ghosted as well. This makes me think the device is flagged. If I make a new account on school IP using school computer, then it...
  15. Expl0it

    [Guide] Prevent being flagged from Instagram While Promoting CPI

    Hello dear mates, I decided to share the method i use that requires 0 investment to prevent being flagged by instagram when promoting your CPI or CPA links. So here it goes: - Go to Blogger and create a new blog. - Get a free domain like dot.tk or whatsoever. - Get a free hosting company...
  16. A

    Namecheap Flagged Newly Registered Domain and Hosting. HELP.

    I registered my domain and hosting with a Target visa giftcard and vpn. The site was flagged in less than 12 hours. Now what? And how can I avoid this happening again? Is it because of the VPN, or the giftcard, or the name? Address is valid.