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    Engagement isn't the best - Start a new account or can I improve it?

    I have a fitness account where I currently post my own lifts and training etc. My account is a 'personal' account, would it be better if I set it to business, or creator? I have 850 followers, and get around 120-180 likes per post, but this is artificially inflated because of likes that I get...
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    How to maximise engagement when utilizing the Follow/Unfollow method

    I am trying to build a personal fitness account. Currently have 420 followers. Of course there are a LOT of personal fitness accounts on IG, so growing organically when it's not a business/brand is not going to happen unless I happen to be a freak of nature. I'm not, but I'm pretty strong and...
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    Best fitness/s&c/sports pods on instagram $

    Hi everyone, I'm searching for good engagement groups on instagram. So if any of you have good Pods to recommend in fitness, bodybuilding, sports in general, he can share them here ! Thank you !
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