1. N

    Anyone from Spain/Europe getting paid by wire transfer? Few doubts

    Hello everyone, With the fall of Firstchoicepay I am searching for other options for getting paid. One of them is wire payments, but I can't see information about comissions or how it works on my Spanish bank website. So my question is: if a US/Canada company pays me via wire transfer, for...
  2. Luksa998

    Problem with paypal, help

    I linked my first choice pay credit card to my paypal, and now when i try to withdraw funds on card paypale message me to add a bank account. How i can to fix this ? I want to withdraw funds to my card Also i find this:
  3. H

    FirstchoicePay Frustrated AF

    So, long story short. I'm from India, FCP doesn't have my country name listed on their account registration page which goes by the header "Prepaid card setup" but weird enough is the thing that they have listed 'India' in the phone number registration section on the same page. WTF ??????? I...
  4. Muzan

    First choice pay or paxum? Which can withdraw to paypal or a visa card

    I am signing up for crakrevenue right now. And at the end of the signup it asks for different payment methods. The methods are: "Check, Wire, First choice pay or Paxum." Which of these methods can transfer money to paypal or a visa card? And which are the safest?