first website

  1. Sosik1

    Your First Website - How did it go?

    Hi there, This forum is filled with many amazing journeys and success stories - but what about the first ones? I am looking to start my first affiliate website and have been wondering how did your first website turn out. Did you succeed? What were your mistakes? How much traffic you were...
  2. Tanzanite1

    Journey: from first time building a website to $100/day

    Just started my journey Today after reading many posts. Today I spent $48.18 total and I: 1 Signed up for commission junction CPA (free/ did not get phone call) and was accepted immediately. I’m waiting to hear about advertiser specific approval. 2 Signed up for a clickbank account (Free) 3...
  3. a11s

    What website would you suggest I create? [Life story] [Long post] [r00kie]

    Well, hello BHW! I've been on this forum for a little bit over a full year now and I had come to realize that I've been wasting my time just going through life without a purpose and without a hobby. I'm trying to look around for a niche where I could start and create a website (something that...